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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:50 pm

I know that is just the yolk sac, but I cannot stop looking at it!! Can't wait to see a fetal pole and HB!!

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:40 pm

How’s everyone’s week going?

History- isn’t your scan coming up?

Hubs is hommmmmmmmeeeeee. I’m not sure how I survived 60 days by myself with two kids pregnant. But I’m alive and here to tell about it :rofl: :rofl: feels good just to have him home. I missed him.

Well, I’m so tired. Nothing much to report but being tired hungry and heartburn. So far so good. Telling the fam this weekend at phils coming home party. I’ll only be 16w. Let’s hope they don’t kill me.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:56 am

Hey Ladies!

So we found out, it's a GIRL!!!! I'm so excited. I'll now have one of each. :)

Monday I go have another US with my MFM Dr and we'll probably announce to everyone next week. I've told a few people, but it'll be nice to not have to keep it a secret. It's getting harder to hide it. I'm constantly wearing a jacket or a sweater, lol.

Star, that's awesome hubby is home and you will be telling everyone.

History, can't wait to hear how everything goes!!!

How's everyone else?

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:44 am

Star-so glad he is home and you are finally getting to tell the fam! I know that will be a relief!!
Stephanie-CONGRATS!!! I would love to have one of each one day :)

AFM-I was supposed to get a 7w scan on Friday, but Tuesday night I had some bright red blood every time I wiped. I freaked out and DH and I cried like we were miscarrying. Early Wednesday morning the same thing was happening, but lighter and then it started to become brown and stop. I still called the doc and they had time to scan me yesterday. WE SAW THE FETAL POLE AND HB AT 122!!!!!!! I am like the happiest women on Earth at the moment.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:37 pm

02-07-18.jpg (131.25 KiB) Viewed 811 times

Here's a pic

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:08 am

Star and really anybody. I saw this and I so want this to be the outfit I bring my little girl home in. Rainbow butt!!! ... rl-pajamas

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:57 am

Smh - I actually got that same one for a friend who lost her baby at 4m. I loved it. She loved it. She has her rainbow now but she misses Natalia. So sad. Did you look on Etsy? So many cute rainbow items. I’m obsessed with rainbow cloth diapers. Although I was only like 4-5w with the chemical it still makes this one a rainbow. I’ve been so anxious bc the previous chemical brought up all those repressed loss feelings. So yay for rainbows. I never thought I would say I was happy I had a chemical but I do feel that this baby is all the more special and that I’m thankful.

History. How. Terrifying. Do they know why you’re bleeding so much? Good call on the hospital. Love the picture. Look at the little bean. When is your due date. Is it from intercourse?

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:09 am

They did not see anything during the scan that would cause bleeding and no, the last time we dtd was Saturday and this was Tuesday night. My theory is that maybe I stuck the progesterone suppository up to high and cut my cervix. It's a hard tablet. But not sure why it took so long to start bleeding because it was like 10 hrs later. Who knows!?

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:41 am

History -- thankful for a heartbeat!! Praying for continued health in this pregnancy

Star-- I saw that hubby is home, I know you are excited

Steph-- a girl!!!! YAY, little girls are so much fun (as are boys, but now you will know each type of fun!). Any names yet?

Lindsey-- happy birthday C!

Mel-- I am not sure if I ever responded to your post about being done. I know its hard to come to that conclusion (and of course I secretly hope you have another) but I am happy you have found a place of contentment there!! Thinking of you mama!

AFM: CD 5 today-- need to start temping. Its my 3rd official cycle TTC. halfway tried after IUD was out end of October but not a real cycle....First cycle post IUD- chemical pregnancy, second- not pregnant so maybe 3rd is lucky charm? I am trying to stay calm as it hasn't been so long (just since oct/nov) but with the IUD removal drama and the miscarriage, I feel slowed down. We were hoping to get pregnant sept/oct and now we are in February. Trying to remind myself that the timing will be just as it meant to be but I am recently 34 and want at least 2 more kids.... praying it is this cycle! A November baby would be great because I could use some of my holiday days for time off.. Anyways, send good baby making vibes my way!

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:09 pm

Katy--Thank you!!! I hope the 3rd times the charm. I am kinda in the same boat...I am 33 and haven't even had my first, and I want several. Sending so many vibes your way :)

Ladies---I am dying from this back pain. I DON'T GET IT!!! Right now I am in so much pain....Saturday I did not have any back pain, and I think it was because I was laying down all day. But Sunday it was killing me to sit through church. Then it killed me to stand at a gender revel party. The only way I had relief once we got home was to lay on the floor with feet elevated on pillows turned to my side with hips elevated with a pillow and a pillow between my knees. When I went to bed the pain was bringing tears to my eyes. I keep hearing/reading it is normal, but I can't imagine why it would be so painful at only 7 1/2 weeks. Not sure how I'm going to make it through the rest of this pregnancy at work. Tylenol doesn't work. Warm baths only work when I'm in them. I really really want to enjoy this pregnancy. I have never wanted anything more! I feel bad complaining :/ ANYONE HAVE IT THIS BAD SO EARLY?

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:39 am

History -- you know what that means right? We will just have to have them ALL in a row. Goodness, girl, we will be TIRED haha!! As for back, I had back cramping, not so much. back pain (like a sore back, sore muscles) at this stage so I have very little advice. I think it is a normal symptom though. My one advice would be maybe a heating pad?? I assume thats safe while pregnant (maybe look it up). I know that when I have had aches and pains before (non pregnancy related), an electric heating pad has provided some relief. I am sorry you aren't feeling well-- although usually aches and pains mean your body is doing as it should which was always my one piece of comfort-- I hurt because baby is growing!

EOE-- Hey ladies. HAPPY Mardi Gras!!!! Here in ATL, it's not as big as in the Deep South where I am from but baby girl has on her Mardi Gras shirt at school and I bought a king cake! It's going to be 2 days of celebration here with valentines tomorrow!

AFM: CD 6 here. Girlie had a virus this weekend (thankfully not flu) and now hubby feels a little sick so no baby dancing yet. Post IUD, I don't ovulate til CD 17-18 though. My plan this month-- have sex when I feel like it over the next week and then when I get the positive OPK, try to do it 3 days in a row. So many times I waste my energy doing it a lot before I even get positive OPK and yes, I know some of those days fall in your fertile week BUT the most likely time to get pregnant is ovulation and day before SO I figured this method might save my energy for those dates.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:15 am

Katy-Haha I know!!! We are go to be sucked dry of nutrients by the time we're done. It will be so worth it though!!! Have fun celebrating Mardi Gras and Vday in ATL. Gosh I miss GA, but I'm glad I don't have to be pregnant there over the summer haha. WA temps are much better for that :) Hope hubby gets better soon. Happy Bd'ing to you guys!!

Soooo I think this whole back pain thing is not totally related to the pregnancy. I got undressed last night to soak in a hot bath and DH and I both noticed my left hip was much higher than my right. I have had this happen before, but did not even think about it! I am going to a chiropractor tmr, I have 11 degrees of scoliosis(very small) that was found on an xray 2 years ago when I kept having back pain and that led to my left hip being higher. So, I guess I need to get theses hips aligned to get some relief. I pray that is all that is going on!

Hi EOE!!! Happy Vday to you ladies :)

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:36 am

Update: My right SI joint is stuck and my right hip has rotated backwards causing all this pain. I am so relieved to know that it is not the pregnancy making my back hurt like this, and that I will soon have some relief.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:03 am

History. Oh man. Did that kill? I had spd issues with my one pregnancy and it killed. I’m glad u got it figured out. Actually I did have bad sciatica from weeks 7-12 especially. Couldn’t walk some days. I have a tilted uterus. It tips back towards my spine. So while it grows it grows backwords for a bit and crushes those nerves. So maybe you do too. You can ask at your next Sono. Mine is feeling better now because it does straighten out eventually. Look it up, tilted uterus or retroverted uterus. When is your next scan. How are you feeling.

Katy- I think you’re day 10 maybe? Are you having fun BD hahaha. Sounds like a good plan. Any sign of O?

Mel- thanks for popping in. Owen is so big. I think if you often my friend.

Highland- any news?
Smh- anything new? Any names? Did you announce yet?

Me- hubs is home and I’m so happy. We had a nice party with family for them and told them I was pregnant. We had my son, my rainbow, who is two and a half say “bigggggg brother” with a shirt but everyone and I mean everyone ignored him. Lol in true middle child fashion. We put the shirt on halfway through and everyone shooed him away. I had to intentionally point it out and be like Cal don’t get anything on your shirt. Lol. It was funny and it took a while to register for everyone. It was my sisters boyfriend who noticed hahaha.

Anyway, feeling okay. I’m 16w and really popping. How is this pregnancy going so fast? We’re team green so we’re trying to decide on names as we need two. I think we have Asher picked out for a boy. Asher Stone. I like Genesis for a girl but hubs says it’s a stripper name. Thoughts ? Two I have are trinity and Calvary so I feel like we have a lot to live up to. My loss we named Thomas. I like Genesis bc we’d probably call her Ginny or Genny. My hubs also said trinity was a stripper name. What do I guys think? We’re also talking about Everleigh. Uh the bad thing about team green is you need twoooooo names. Lol with cal we were at the hospitsl with the name book bc we were worried his name wasn’t a name. So stressful.

Nothing else new here. Goal is to take down the Christmas tree this week. Hahaha

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:30 am

Star- I think we will ovulate this coming weekend . Ever since IUD was removed, I ovulate day 16-17 usually. And honestly I have done nothing to prep this cycle. I am starting to drink RRL but no pills other than vitamin. Life is busy! If not pregnant this cycle I will try to get back on plan next month.

As for Biblical names for girls---Genisis is cute, especially if shortened to Genisis. like you shortened Calvery to CAL. What about Sunday? I knew a girl named Sunday and loved it. I love Asher.
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