TTC #1 Needing some ttc support

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TTC #1 Needing some ttc support

Postby CalRN91 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:25 pm

I am 25yo and ttc my first baby. My DH is also 25 yo, we have been together for 5 years. We have 3 lovely nieces and another niece or nephew on the way. we are now ready for our own baby. I am a nurse and work shift work so this makes it difficult to BD super frequently as sometimes I go 3 or 4 days when I am working nights without seeing my DH. Nights also sometimes can mess with my temps but not always. My DH is also on an antidepressant and sometimes struggles with a sex drive, he is trying hard as really wants a baby too but sometimes doesn't have it in him, particularly if we have had sex a few times close together (we try every other day around fertile window). This can be hard for me sometimes too as I so desperately want a baby and feel if we don't BD enough we wont be able to conceive.
I will give you a little background on my cycles. I came off bc in May after being put on at 15 for irregular periods, (I know not long ago). Actively ttc since June after our wedding. It took me a while to ovulate for the first time. I o'd for the first time 2 cycles ago, on cd31. I had my progesterone checked which was very low at 4.6. My doctor however wont do anything about it. I also only had a 7 day luteal phase. My next cycle I o'd on cd28 with a 6 day lp. I am now on cd31 with no o this cycle so far (using OPK strips as well). My temps this cycle have also been all over the place (particularly this last week, no night shifts worked). They haven't been this bad ever, even my last annovulatory cycle (which is about 29 days).
I have been taking prenatal vitamins since may, and this cycle started taking chasteberry, B complex, and evening primrose oil.
I normally don't have any fertile cm around o, I usually have fertile cm around cd11, and its stick at time of o. The evening primrose has really helped my cm. I have had fertile cm since I started taking it just starting to dry up now.
I know I have not been ttc for long. However, my doctor doesn't want to do anything with my known low progesterone. She said she will refer me to a fertility specialist given some more time. However I am also concerned about my really long cycles and late o, and annovulatory cycles. A previous doctor questioned PCOS for me but never looked into it. I also feel like its possible I have hypothyroidism but my doctor has checked my TSH a few times (however I don't think she runs a full panel).
Just getting very frustrated with my long cycles, and waiting to see a fertility specialist when I clearly have problems. Starting to feel very down about this process and needing some support on what to do next. Should I go back to my family doctor and ask her to look more thoroughly into hypothyroidism and PCOS? or should I just wait for my fertility specialist, which im hoping I may get to see in January.
Needing some support and looking to make some new friends who are also TTC. would love to give and receive some support.
Thanks so much in advance!
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Re: TTC #1 Needing some ttc support

Postby Danaa » Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:29 am

Hello and welcome!!
Im sorry to see you are struggling with this whole ttc thing.Is not easy but is definitely worth it!
I have no experience with bcp so I can't say how long it takes for ur cycles to be back to normal after you stopped taking them.
If you have the symptoms of pcos and hypo I would definitely try and get some tests done as for ur low progesterone you definitely need progesterone help after you ovulated not only bcs ur progesterone is low bcs ur lp is short .
If you aren't on any supliments I suggest vitex,maca root,red raspberry leaf tea,do ur research on them and choose what you think it will help you.Maybe you can purchase some progesterone cream online to use until you get to see ur doctor.
Good luck to you!!
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Re: TTC #1 Needing some ttc support

Postby CalRN91 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:05 pm

Thanks for your response. I started taking vitex this cycle and so far my cycle seems annovulatory. I'm cd33 today. Still negative opk and random spotting. Just feeling really defeated with this whole process. My family doctor put a referral for me to see a fertility specialist and an OB today so we will see who I get an appointment with first. Hopefully they can see me quickly and get to the bottom of this. I just want to actually ovulate each cycle and have an lp longer than 7 days so we can have a shot!
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