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Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:59 am

Hey ladies!

Scarlet, I told my hubby the day after I got the shadow line, gave him a bit of warning by buying some more tests with the groceries so he knew I was planning to test in the morning & got the second BFP. We were trying officially for 4 months, not trying to prevent for a while before that. I just take a multivitamin daily, mainly so I didn't get a cold & miss work haha! Other than that trying to eat healthy & lose a bit of weight in general, drinking lots of water. I think a lot of it is chance so I wouldn't go thinking that this is a recipe for success.

The awfulness will pass trust me!!! Kids sometimes go through really grotty phases and you say 'I miss my real baby!' And then when you get them back it's wonderful.. so hang in there! My mum always told me babies can cry hard for 10 mins without hurting themselves so when mine was little I'd start timing it. If she got to 10 I'd go in with a warm facecloth & silently wash down her face, give a quick cuddle and then leave & start timing again.

Treble, being relaxed is the perfect way to be! Good luck & babydust sounds like your mindset is ideal right now, stressing won't help and hah that valentines pic sounds adorable!!!

Janeite, haha yep lucky we did get the bulk of it done, I even thought while I was painting geez I'm glad I'm not pregnant while doing this! I have Dr appt on fri and I assume they'll send me for bloods & get the ball rolling. Officially missed a period now so I think they're more likely to take me seriously ha!

Sounds like getting your energy deficiency sorted will help tremendously! Makes total sense that if your body is in a state of wanting it's not going to be able to start growing another one..

AFM I'm feeling ok, getting waves of nausea mainly while cooking and if I get hot or hungry, am really super hungry at times & bbs are feeling heavier. No real cramping or pain, just a kind of slight discomfort. So far so good! We went out for valentines tapas dinner, having a friend staying meant we had a live in babysitter! It was so lovely esp as I don't think we'll get another chance for QUITE some time!

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:56 am

Well I'm gettting my telltale AF sign- a dip in my milk supply. DS went longer stretches between nursing overnight (yay- sleep!!), but I'm not feeling rock hard or anything. I always tend to get this decrease in milk for the week before AF, so it's right on track.

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:03 pm

Hey ladies.

Treble, BUMMER!! :( Say it ain't so! I hope that you are wrong. Keep me posted. Its good that you understand your body well enough to know what is going on with milk supply, etc. Yayyyy for more sleep though!

Brig, sorry to hear about waves of nausea - that sux. When do you have a first appointment with the ob? Did you have any issues with your last pregnancy?

Janeite, how are you?

AFM, I did an ovulation test today, and it was negative, but I saw my discharge change, and I think I'm nearing being fertile - who knows? So we're going to dtd tonight to be safe and then I'll take another test tomorrow. I always miss my surges so its possible (but not likely) that I already O'd. My cycles used to be quite long, so more likely than not I haven't O'd yet. Also my boobs get a little sore before I O, and that hasn't happened yet either. I hope I didn't miss the window yet. I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll take another test after work to see if there's a change.

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:42 pm

Scarlet- I usually get my EWCM 2 or even 3 days before I get a positive opk. So it doesn't sound like you've missed it to me!

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:10 pm

How's everyone doing?

So I've got news... this morning I had such a strong urge to POAS that I gave in (even though I'm only 11 or 12dpo and was planning on waiting for AF or at least until Tuesday). I didn't use a timer as I was expecting a negative but came back to check it a little while later (maybe 5-10min?) and saw a faint line!! I figured maybe it was just an evap. But I did a 4.5 hour pee hold and tested again in the evening. Same cheap test again showed a very faint line at the 3 minute mark! And the more sensitive "first response" test I bought this afternoon showed a more strong line. Not an evap!!! I'm preggers! OMG! I really wasn't expecting this to happen so quickly.

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:14 pm

First morning test- questioned if it was an evap
(92.09 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Evening test checked at proper time- still a faint line!
(92.24 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:19 pm

And the most clear "First Response" test.
(78.56 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:00 am

Super congrats Treble!!!

How's the O tracking Scarlet? Any signs?

I've been laying low for a while, feeling so drained at the moment & nausea is hitting me mainly at night, but have first midwife appt on Monday so that will start the ball rolling in terms of organising blood tests etc..

How's everything going with you Janeite?

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:22 pm

Hey ladies!

Treble, CONGRATS! Looks like a positive pregnancy test to me!

How are you feeling? Any different? I know you thought you were out! Haha you never know!

Brig, sorry to hear about the nausea, etc. How long did it last the last time you were pregnant?

Janeite, how are you?

AFM, I still haven't O'd yet. I checked my temp on Sunday and it was clearly low. I think its gonna be a few cycles before my body goes back into place, so I'm not having high hopes here. Then, on Sunday, my son was an absolute TERROR all day, screaming bloody murder in the car for 1.5 hours, crabby and altogether terrible, and DH and I (of course) got into an emotional fight about how to handle him. Let's just say that BDing wasn't on the table this weekend, so I think this cycle will be ugly and bad and out. :( Plus I'm hormonal with my body still trying to figure things out. We will see...the cycle is still going and I had negative OPKs all weekend. :doh:

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:16 pm

Ah Scarlet sorry to hear about the bad time! It's always so hard when you disagree about how to handle situations with kids, I've had those emotional arguments as well :( my morning sickness lasted till about 14 weeks last time, it wasn't too bad I just had to eat lots to stop it haha. I'm just hoping I don't get the blood pressure issues I had last time.

Had an awful day today, heard some news that made me feel so sick & teary and I had to hug DD for aaaaaages when I picked her up from daycare because I was so upset. Not news directly related to me but just horrible, it would upset anyone who heard it basically, so I don't know if you guys would want to know. But I'm feeling emotional.

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:32 pm

Brig-- sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with whatever it was that happened. Give you LO as many extra long hugs as it takes!

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:18 pm

Hey Brig, feel free to tell us what is going on - I'll be happy to listen. :hugs:

Treble, Janeite, hope you are doing well.

I don't think I've O'd yet. I have no indication of it. So I guess I'm going to wait out this cycle as long as it takes (I don't really have a choice, do I?). DH told me that he wants to wait until next cycle when my body is a little more predicable, plus we're still at odds with one another after last weekend..ugh. I hope it gets better soon. I'm upset that things are not going as well as I wanted. My body kinda SUX that way. :sob:

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:14 pm

Aww that sounds rough Scarlet. Try not to get too upset. And don't worry, your cycles should straighten out more as time goes on.

AFM- not really feeling any symptoms honestly. Just the occasional twinges/cramps. I keep POAS every morning to see if it's still true! It is... and the line is getting darker as it should be. I called my midwives office on Tuesday to see if they would take me as a patient again. I still haven't heard back. Going to that first appointment will make things seem more real I think.

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:46 pm

Thanks Scarlet I think I'm feeling emotional & hormones are making me even more so! Story is an ex colleague of mine about a year & a half ago killed his 2 year old daughter. No details were released & no one really knew anything but he was charged with manslaughter so we were all kinda hoping ok some tragic accident?! Really hit me hard because his partner & I were pregnant at the same time so we'd discussed baby names & all about how exciting it was we were both having girls etc; I got sent baby pics when she was born so kinda felt like I knew her. We worked in different areas & I hadn't spoken to him since I left the company before I had my LO, so it was a massive shock when it happened.

The day before yesterday he was sentenced & they released details of how it happened, it was all over the papers & I just feel sick about how anyone could do that to a small child. He held her face into a pillow while putting her to bed as some kind of 'settling' technique, while she was screaming & struggling etc. Just makes me want to cry even thinking about how awful it would've been for that little girl. I know my now 3 year can certainly be challenging at times but there's just no way that either of us would even come close to doing anything like that.

Re: On the road again for #2...buddies?

Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:57 pm

Oh yikes... that's awful! Pregnancy hormones or not, no wonder you're shaken up!! So heart wrenching to even think about. :-(
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