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Im 6 dpo and having weird "symptoms"

Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:40 pm

Hey ladies! I'm new to this site!! But I need some advice I'm driving myself crazy.
Im currently on cd 23. I took chlomid cd 3-7. I have pcos and had a tubal reversal in November.
I had an almost positive opk on cd 17 but then dropped to faint again the following morning. Same day I got the darkest opk I also had ovulation pains off and on all day that same day. (Coincidence, I think not!)
Then 2 dpo woke up with sore throat and had ewcm and night sweats and vivid dream. I never sweat or dream. Then 3 dpo I started breaking out. 1-4dpo just felt "off or different ". On 5 dpo was the worst. I had lower back aches on my left side went to my upper hip and was weird. Was off and on all day. Also had quick burning sensation in my Nipples and abdominal area. Today I feel great at 6 dpo. I'm so confused. I feel I'm pregnant. But is this all in my head? Please help.

Re: Im 6 dpo and having weird "symptoms"

Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:12 pm

Just heard from the dr. My progesterone was 17! So I did ovulate after all!
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