1DPO-AF due approx 10 March.. post chemical-any buddies :)

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Re: 1DPO-AF due approx 10 March.. post chemical-any buddies

Postby DarkAries » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:48 am

yip that is what they say.

I had my loop taken out in APril last year - then May I got a faint bfp which ended in a chemical then in August I got a bfp... was nauseous and constantly vomiting / nothing tasted right ... my first Gynie appt was booked - but then I called back to ask for an early date...and I got it a week earlier than my original appt, I suppose my gut was telling me somethign wasnt right (I was 9 weeks) ... gynie said baby's measurements were on par with my LMP...but couldn't detect a heartbeat... she told us we can wait a week - we opted to wait...was the most terrible week & by then I also knew that it ws too late... even though I was trying to stay hopefull... we went back the following week - and baby was still the same measurements as the previous week - and no heartbeat... she said it was a missed miscarriage and I was then given meds to start the "labour" process and two days later I had my D&C.
My body was back to it's normal self in Jan (when I got my first period)... so this would have been my third cycle. :) so I'm still a whole lot cautious... and can't wait to see my doc in April for our first appointment.

As for symptoms - I'm not too worried cause with my firstborn I had none whatsoever.

And right now - I'm just hoping for a healthy little miracle...but have to say that I won't mind either... 4 of the two I birthed...the other two boys are hubbies...I'm sure he wouldn't mind either. LOL... though he is already hinting that our daughter's boy friends better watch it.
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Re: 1DPO-AF due approx 10 March.. post chemical-any buddies

Postby BabyBassy » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:11 pm

Hi ladies,

It has been a while and thought I would drop in to see how you are.

Jackie - how are you lovely? I hope you are doing good. and Dark Aries??

Lilfitzg, did you get your BFP this cycle?

I am current @ CD13. Doing daily OPK's, getting faint lines. So building up to it I guess. I don't normally ovulate until around CD 18-20. I am definitely trying to take a more relaxed approached this cycle. I haven'e been researching like crazy.. or forum reading.. haven't been temping.. and we are just BDing every 2nd day. TTC really changed the dynamic of our relationship.. it put pressure on my partner and I really dont want that. At all! Just relaxing this time and not thinking about that fertile period, and having regular passionate sex :mrgreen: Although my boyfriend still asks when the right time is :doh: i'm trying to keep him in the dark!

I hope to get positive updates from you ladies!!!

Lots of love from Downunder!!
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