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Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Mon May 21, 2018 2:02 pm

Danielle, so sorry you have so much going on! I didn't know Manolo was still non-verbal etc, but I have a nephew and a cousin on the spectrum so I do know how varied it can be - my cousin will always live at home and be completely anti-social etc, but my nephew is graduating high school this year and wants to be an actor! haha I hope the therapies give great results :hb:

Hi Dev! Miss you too! Would LOVE to see a pic of little Ari! Fiona had the sleep regressions here and there but not all of them. I think Ciaran hasn't had a rough night of sleep his whole life lol that boy loves his sleep! :lol:

All good here, the D&C went well and I didn't have any cramping or anything after, just light bleeding that continues. I had 3/4 of a bottle of wine that night, and it was wonderful for the relaxing effects. :) Once I get the all-clear at my follow-up, I am going on birth control for a year to save the eggs I have left for when we start TTCing again (hopefully in a year!) , and DH is already working on my workout plan. Gotta whip it back into shape and tighten up! haha

Been slowly getting rid of all the baby stuff, clothes, and whatnot. In-laws are coming to visit this weekend (they have no idea about the failed pregnancy), DH has minor elbow surgery on Wednesday, it's fun times over here! School will be out next week, and DH will be teaching summer school for the month of June, 4 days a week mornings only, so we can fast-track getting his teaching certification for Victoria and start applying for jobs. SO ready to GTFO!

:grouphug: Miss you all!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Tue May 22, 2018 6:18 am

Hi y'all (from Katy in ATL although it still says DC ha). Sorry I haven't checked in in awhile. I did a few times but the board seemed to slow down and then I just got out of habit. I guess we are all so busy with spring activities!

Danielle-- nursery, so exciting mama!!! eek!

Dev- the 4 month regression is a B*TCH. We hit ours at nearly 5 months (so I naively thought we had escaped it haha)

Lindsey -- still so heartbroken for you, how disappointing. losses never get easier and its unfair when mammas have more than one. Hope you are healing up from the D&C and enjoying wine and sweets!

star- thinking of you!

AFM: second trimester (14 weeks, 2 days as of today). Did the early testing and found out we are having ANOTHER girl :) I am excited for sisters. last time I REALLY wanted a girl, but this time I was happy either way-- a girl meant sisters and cute girly clothes which I already have-- and of course, we also would have loved a SON. so either way, I was happy. However, I STRONGLY suspected BOY, as did hubby and most of our families - and Lindsey and marina ha, so we were quite surprised to hear girl. :) Feeling better, although still can't eat lots of foods, but less nausea. I am in that incredibly hunger stage though. Even though pregnancy isn't always fun, just so so grateful as we all know too well that its not always easy to come by!

thinking of you all!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:08 am

Hi people,

Katy that's so lovely you are having another girl :D

Lindsey I'm so sorry to hear you had a blighted ovum that's not fair! Your future plans sound great! Lets hope you get over to OZ asap and settled and everything.

We are trying this cycle... i'm feeling a bit nervous haha

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:45 am

Hey ladies - seems the board has slowed down. I try to peek in every week or two to see if there are updates! Thinking of you all! Just wanted to say hey and wish you luck with TTC, new babies and life.

update from me: 21 weeks. Baby girl's name is Lilly (Lilette or Lillette for her formal name, deciding on spelling still) Feeling less sick now that I am so far along - but TONS of round ligament pain which i did not have last time. After first tri passed, this pregnancy has gone by quickly. I have done nothing to prep for baby so time to start working on nursery, pulling out baby clothes etc

Hope you are all well. Will continue to peek in a few times a month to check for updates!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:15 pm


I was creeping around the site and had to leave a message! I hate that this thread has died. How are all my knocked up ladies doing???? Danielle, I have to read back on your due date, I can't remember!

Katy, congrats on another girl! Sisters are the best gift everrrr.

Its been super hectic with Leah out of school and Ari is one active baby! She started army crawling at 5 mos, and real crawling right at 7 mos... shes everywhere!!! I hope everyone is well xoxoxo

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:18 pm


Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:52 am

Ari sounds quite a handful!! :)

Just wanted to update I got a bfp just over a week ago and expecting in May 2019 :) :)

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:39 am

Awww congrats Frances!!! My sister got her bfp last week too! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:53 am

Glad I checked it! It had died down and so I quit checking and today, I thought "I miss those ladies, lets just see if anyone every came back to the thread haha"

Francis -- yay for your BFP. May 2019!! how lovely. How far along does that make you? How are you feeling?

Dev- Ari does sound active, maybe she will be an athlete. Glad you and your two girlies are doing well!

Lindsey - thinking of you and your upcoming move!

Danielle- you had your baby?? Eekkkk!!

AFM: 31 weeks and feeling every single bit of it haha. I raked leaves yesterday for you know, like only an hour and today, I feel like I ran a marathon haha. Baby girl 2 is due mid Nov! We are super excited. AD is super excited to be a big sister - she seems to understand that there is a baby in my tummy (my SIL had a baby so she understands that her cousin has a baby brother.....) BUT I don't know if she understands how her life is going to change haha. We have done the big girl checklist to get ready for sister - potty trained, got rid of her night time Paci and put her in a big girl bed.

I am probably attempting a VBAC but we will make a decision closer to due date (depending on baby's positioning etc). Cant wait to meet our Lilly!

Hope you are all well. Since folks are posting again, I will try to peek in ! Thinking of you all!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:18 am

Hey ladies!! 33 weeks and a couple days here! getting closer...I wish time would speed up (uncomfortable) and slow down (so much to do) all at once.

I am soaking in all the last days with just one kiddo! I miss you all - give me updates.

I texted with Lindsey this week -- she is having trouble getting on this website for some reason (password blocked, etc) but told me to tell you all Hello!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:37 am

Hi Katy!!
Not much going on over here - ari turned 9 months and is such a handful! She’s the total opposite of Leah but I’m loving every moment.
My husband is pushing #3. Says he doesn’t care if we have another girl but he wants a boy so the pressure is on! Hoping it isn’t a struggle this time since I’ve been able to lose some weight.

Hi Lindsey!!! How are the moving plans going?

Katy - 33 weeks already wow! Enjoy every moment with just one! The first few months with the second are a bit rough!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:08 pm

Hey ladies! 38 weeks and countdown!

Spoke with Lindsey recently. She said she had trouble getting on website. She is doing well!

Hope you are all doing well. Cant believe Ari is 9 months!!! wow!! time passes quickly! haha and good luck with #3. We definitely want a 3rd too and I am sure hubby would love a boy this time...although he is a pretty great girl dad!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:06 pm


I randomly tried to log in one last time and magically, it worked. Odd, I used the same user/pass as I did ALL the other times. :roll: ANYWHOoooOOOOooooo...

Katy we need pics of baby Lilly! I know you texted me some, but the girls need to see her beautiful lil self!

Dev - How are you doing?? Moving plans are HECTIC - we are moving to Gisborne, New Zealand at the end of December. SO excited and maybe a little stressed lol but we will be fine. Can't wait to get out of this crazy-ass Trump-dictator-land and start new lives!

Frances - How are you feeling? Any scan pics to share?

We are still NTNP, hopefully once we get settled in NZ we'll be able to conceive again (with an actual baby!). Already bought everyone All Blacks t-shirts and we're ready to become full-on Kiwis. We arrive January 1 so it's new year new everything!

Miss you all and hopefully I can log in next time I try so we can stay in touch. :grouphug:

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:23 pm

Decided to hop on the board today as it has been ages and .... well.... I'm in a tww :rofl: so I remembered that this was here to help pass the time :wink:

We decided to try one last IVF cycle before moving on to other options. Everything went really well during the cycle - particularly in how I was feeling during the injections and that I was able to ask to try for a fresh transfer (OHSS avoided!). 16 eggs were retrieved. 8 eggs fertilized (poor DH is a bit concerned over that since it is on the low side of good).
On day 4 I got a call from the embryologist letting me know that we only had 2 with 8 cells on that date (which is a 3 day size, not 4 day as expected) and to call the next morning to see if we had any growth (which would let me come in to get the day 5 fresh transfer). I was pretty crushed by the news but held out a sliver of hope. It was the tiniest sliver TBH.
On day 5 I spoke with that embryologist and he said that I had one embryo that was turning into a compacted morula and that the DR said I could come in and have it transferred or wait the next day to see if it went to blast (and then freeze).
We decided to go ahead with the transfer. For some reason I feel less stressed over whether this baby is going to make it than if I had waited another day for a phone call. The embryologist spent time talking to us before the transfer (and spoke briefly with DH after). He said that the little guy was moving so it was still working its way into something and that other people have had success with slow growers.
As I mentioned above, I'm not feeling too stressed about it. it is really out of my hands and up to the DNA of this little sucker to see if it continues to grow. I'll be getting my bloodwork on 22nd. I'm hopeful that there is a chance (and grateful we even had something to transfer), but have no real expectation.

Anyways that is my update. Hope you all are doing great.
Katy - I expect you have already held lily in your hands are enjoying her.
Lindsey - sorry to hear of your loss. I do hope you enjoy the move.
EOE - good luck!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:51 pm

Hi Star! Wow I am hoping SO HARD for your little slow grower to not only make it but be a healthy, fat little baby for you to take home and love the rest of your life. PLEASE keep us posted on how your bloodwork and everything goes!

We are pretty much all set for the move in 2 weeks (gasp!) - we have plane tickets, passports, visas, a vehicle, our stuff shipped over...just waiting on a damn house! haha We are supposed to hear from the real estate agent tomorrow evening (Monday morning NZ time) to see if the house we hope to get will be ready for us when we arrive and get rental paperwork started. That will be the last major piece of the puzzle and then I can relax a bit.

My baby girl is turning 3 next week, I can't even believe it! We have no plans for anything here, but we plan to have some fun beach time celebration for her when we arrive in New Zealand. IT will be a bit after her birthday of course but she won't know the difference.

In-laws were just here for a week long visit, the head home to Denver in the morning. I really hope they get to come visit us a time or two, the kids were just starting to really warm up to them.

Helllooooo everyone else! :grouphug: Miss you all!
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