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Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:31 pm
by gayamusca
On the phone so bear with me ladies

Star : good luck with this cycle. Rest up as much as you need.
Danielle: congrats on the weight loss !! when does hubby get back ? Sorry I don’t know about hSG but sorry it was so bad. And thanks for the note regarding the stuff at work. It did hit me hard. And I think that could be what pushed me to labor earlier or it could be that my little girl thought mom had enough of this nonsense , let’s save her sanity. Lol.

Lindsay : that’s how I felt before my +ve. Let’s see some pe sticks.

Dev : you are lucky indeed to be able to get out. US maternity laws suck and are the least family friendly . I grew up in India and even there we get 6momths paid maternity leave. Happy nesting !! Is Leah getting excited yet ?

Marina : counting down already ! Are you getting a scheduled induction ?

Hmm I think I got everyone.

Afm : forgot how life with newborn can be after 4 years. And I think because I had no tears/stitches I have been up an about since day 1 and more aware of all the aches and pains. But mom is here for another 5 weeks so that’s a big hell And omg my boobs and nippies have been chewed through lol. But I exclusively breastfed arya for first year and plan to do same with little Kira so am sucking it up and surviving on 2 hour naps. Baby sleep and I sleep - or try to. She is exactly a week today and I feel she is already grown and omg she looks exactly like arya did at this age. It’s uncanny. I think god gave me anothe girl just so I could relive all the moments from the first.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:06 am
by LeahsMom
Lindsey - I'm so excited for peesticks!!! Those all sound like good signs and I agree, they better be for a reason! LOL at framing your OPK

Marina - I feel a bit guilty getting all this time off, I'll admit. You girls in the U.S. get such a raw deal... America is definitely behind on the times when it comes to maternity leave! JT is aight, nice to look at but he annoys me with some of decisions and I disagree with him on quite a few big things. He ran and promised an extra 6 months maternity leave (I know what you're thinking lol). However, when his plans came out for it, it includes no extra benefit so i feel duped. I know, I know.. damn Canadians aren't happy with 1-year... lol
I think I'm like you, in total denial that a baby is coming. I haven't bought a thing! I figure I will nest while I'm off and maybe be more excited about shopping when I know if it's a boy or a girl. Backstreet Boys are in town Dec 9th but I just couldn't go through with buying ticks :cry: you're a trooper! You're gonna be 38 weeks during concert!!

Star - sorry about all the shitty side effects, they sound like a true pain in the @ss. I'm gonna go with 8 5-day blasts as my guess!

Gaya - I've totally forgotten what newborns are like so I think I have a huge shock coming my way in January lol. Glad your mom is there to help you out! How is Arya adjusting?

Danielle - how are you??

AFM - I told myself I was gonna come into work today and get a shitload of stuff done but I can't concentrate. We had a light dusting of snow last night so Leah woke up, looked out the window and started singing Jingle Bells. We usually don't get snow til January (maybe flurries in Dec) so I had told her from the start that baby isn't coming until the snow comes so of course she asked me this morning if I was having the baby today lol Thanks a lot Mother Nature! So now I have to say "after Christmas"

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:23 pm
by danielleh22
Hello, Ladies!

I've been so busy- the DH is back (yay!!), and just happened to be day I got my first positive ovulation test, lol. Whew- that was a close one!
So, I've been meaning to tell you ladies, that the hospital called me back to get another HSG scheduled. They were able to do it on Wed, CD 14. Definitely not ideal so late in the cycle, but I just went for it. They scheduled me with their best doctor and everything. I absolutely loved the new doctor and his nurse. They were so kind. He told me that's he's done thousands of them, and have only had two that failed. Well guess what ladies, mine failed so that makes me the third...-.-. He tried and tried, but apparently I have a very curvy cervix to where it makes it incredibly difficult to get the tube all the way through to create a seal to release the dye into the tubes. He tried for a long time, but it just wasn't going to happen. He felt terrible that he had let me down. It was still very painful. I had to ask him to stop after about 40 minutes. I guess I won't be able to have one done unless they use a special type of tube that that specific hospital doesn't carry. He said everything looked great uterus wise, they just can't see the tubes. Crazy, right? All that pain twice for nothing..bleh.

At least I did get one of the darkest OPKs that I have EVER gotten (I hope that means great news for Lindsey and I!!), and I ovulated like a normal person again! I really think it has to do with my diet and losing weight. Unfortunately since my DH has been back I definitely went a little crazy food-wise (oops!) so I need to get back into it!. We were able to get a BD two days prior to O and on O so I feel pretty good. We would have had another one, but I totally passed out the another night, haha. The next step for us is DH getting his SA done and if everything is good with his stuff then we move on to Clomid next cycle! Cross your fingers and send us some positive vibes that we get lucky this cycle! I'm pretty sure I ovulated but two more temps will confirm so I believe I'm 1 dpo according to FF. Sorry for the huge post, ladies!!

Dev: It snowed a little for us on Halloween- definitely feels like Christmas! Just enjoy the remainder of your can wait :)
Gaya: Newborn life is definitely rough, haha. I can't believe she is a week already! Enjoy this precious time, mama :)
Star: Sorry you're feeling a little rough right now- hopefully it gets better!!
Marina: Definitely spot on for military doctors. You're so funny- going to a concert so late which is awesome btw! I never felt like doing anything when I was in my third trimester. I was so lazy, hehe.
Lindsey: HSG are a little uncomfortable for some and downright painful for others. I read stories where ladies said it was worse than childbirth. I think it just depends on the doctor, and really how easy it is to get the tube through. Hopefully those are some early symptoms for you!!! We are both in the 2WW- sending you some good vibes too!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:59 pm
by zaneyduck
Hey ladies! Sorry I've been MIA, it's just been busy with work and lack of energy. I come home, nap, eat, and go to bed. Only 1 baby - we only transferred 1 embryo.

I've had 2 u/s. One was at 6 weeks 5 days, baby looked great, we got to hear the heartbeat, which was 120 that day. I was released from RE to OB, however RE will keep me on progesterone and estrogen until Week 12.

First OB appointment was on Monday this last week. We had another u/s and heartbeat was 179. We went out of town this weekend to visit my family and announce the news to them - since I won't be home again until Christmas and it would be awkwardly obvious. We will tell DH's family on Thanksgiving.

I've been feeling pretty good. Not really any nausea or anything - unless I go for a long period of time without eating. However, I've only wanted salty foods (pickles) and fruit - mostly strawberries and pineapple. I've had aversions to meat. It sounds good, smells awesome cooking, I take 2 bites and my stomach turns and I cannot eat anymore. So, I'm eating lots of peanut butter to try and keep the protein up. I think it's more texture - as I can do things like bacon.

I've been in maternity pants for 2 weeks now, as my belly has popped! I will upload some u/s pictures and bump pictures tomorrow. We just got back in town and now it's the process of getting ready for the work week, laundry, and unpacking.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:36 am
by Ambermp27
Good morning girls! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Sorry I haven't been on much been busy with work and life...

Gaya CONGRATS!!! Kira is adorable!!! Ahh I want to cuddle her! Hope everything is going well and baby is letting you rest!

Star I may have missed it but when is your next appt.. crossing everything for you!

Marina how are you feeling? Sorry hubby will be away so much =(

Dev not much longer until you get a break for a while! I'm so jealous...I feel burnt out from this place. I need a vacation ha

Danielle sorry about the HSG, wish things would have went better for you buuuut your chart is looking good!! FX

Lindsey your chart too!!! How are you feeling?

Zaney happy to hear you've been feeling good! Can't wait to see the bump pics!

Eoe hope you are all well!

I'm just getting over the flu I guess, fever, sore throat, body aches...ugh laid around all weekend. Now I want to leave work and go back to bed lol

Have a great day!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:13 am
by KatyinDC
Hey ladies-- sorry to go MIA for awhile (I suppose you are used to that by now!). We moved this fall and are mostly settled (still hanging up items and decorating). I am excited for the holidays-- and yet also kind excited for January haha (which I usually hate). I just need life to slow down-- so much going on this fall. weddings and visitors and trips and work and holidays! Lots good but also a lot of stress!

Anyways, got my IUD removed -- after multiple failed attempts! We finally had to do a scope to find and grab it. Still waiting for my period to return though. I did just start tracking sex again last week and thankfully have (mostly) tracked temps all month and taken some OPKs. I technically ovulated right before removal so I missed it - but sometimes you ovulate again after removal. So-- just waiting for a period or positive OPK or positive pregnancy test haha.... currently CD 45 :roll: :|

I see we have a new baby-- congrats GAYA!!! also eagerly awaiting Marina and Dev's babies!! an in several months, Zaney!! Who else am I missing????So exciting that this little thread will have some new babies soon!

Jewel-- hey stranger, its been a year or longer since I last said hi to you!!! glad to see you !!

Amber/Star-- sorry you aren't feeling well!!

Lindsey - how is TTC? Hoping to officially be back in the game once I get my period! I can't decide if you are crazy or brave to want a 3rd so quickly!!!!! haha, you are much stronger than I am- even just the one kid is wearing me out!

Anyways....nothing else to report--- hoping for AF soon!! (or on the off chance, a pregnancy) But really just a clear start date for a cycle would be nice so I can officially TTC again!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:36 am
by HighlandGamesGirlCO
GAH kids just woke up. Daddy brought home a cold from one of the jerk students he teaches and now we ALL have it. Therefore, the kids aren't sleeping well and neither is mommy. Thankfully, DH isn't a wuss when he's sick like most men. I haven't been sick since I was pregnant with Fiona, so I am kind of annoyed. :rofl:

Will try to do personals later tonight, but until then, feast your eyes upon my 8dpo whole lotta nada! :mrgreen:

7dpo.jpg (8.84 KiB) Viewed 608 times

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:27 pm
by KatyinDC
Feel better Lindsey, being sick as a mom sucks. And how great that your husband is not a wussy male-- mine is totally a wuss when sick. Super strong the rest of the time but needs to sleep and me to buy lots of meds etc when ill. haha.

I am heading out of town, hope you all have a great weekend!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:18 am
by fraggle
Hi everyone!

Just popping in to say hello and just like you Katy I am starting to think about trying again. I've had a few periods and am starting to get a more predictable cycle. I won't start trying proper til next year but want to get used to charting and all that first. Haha im not in a rush as my little boy is a whole lotta work.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:00 am
by moblina
Francis — so great to “see” you again and hear you’re TTC... maybe!

Katy — I’m anxiously awaiting either your period or your second ovulation this cycle :)

Lindsey — more pee sticks

Dev — I’m so jealous you’re almost done with work!! You’ll be done before I am!

EOE — keep on keeping on

AFM — I have 14 days left to wrap up my LAST project (I really only have like 7 days left because I need to turn my part over and really, just 3 because I’m single mom to andrew for Thanksgiving weekend (do NOT get me started on that one)). I had my 36 week checkup on Thursday, had the growth scan. Dude is alread 6 lbs 10 oz with God knows how much time left. I was only 50% effaced and not dilated at all. Sticking EPO up my vag every night now to try and get s**t going. I also have this nasty eye thing on my eyelid. Just hoping whatever it is stays out of my actual eyeball. I’m ready to be done being pregnant/immunocompromised. I’m single mom again this weekend (second of three straight).

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:10 am
by danielleh22
Hi, Ladies!

Marina: You're little man sounds like he might be a big baby... :rofl: . I'm kind of obsessed with chunky babies so I expect lots of pictures!! haha. Why are you single mommin' it?! Too late in the game for that! I always hated getting sick when pregnant..there is nothing a doctor can do for's awful! I hope your eye starts feeling better!

Katy: Welcome back- moving always keeps you crazy busy! Hopefully your cycle normalizes soon!

Lindsey: Where are your pee sticks?! Also, I'm sorry your household is sick- hopefully it clears out in time for the holidays!

Amber: Are you feeling better? The flu is going around for sure...:(

Zaney: SO happy that you got to hear the heartbeat! Sounds like you have a healthy little bean in there :). I had the same issues with food, craved salty and wanted fruit! Maybe you're having a boy!

AFM: Well, ladies..I have a thread in HPT section, but I think I might have the start of a BFP. My tests are really wonky to be honest though and it's SUPER early! Starting at 8 dpo (you can read the other thread for more information) I used 8 dpo FMU and this very thick, RAISED (yeah, not indented), white line appeared within the first few mintues where the line should be. I was like dang..that was my last wondfo too. Luckily I had a new batch come in from Amazon that same afternoon. I literally took like 5 tests..saw something on all of them, but a few looked like dye runs, and some just looked a little weird. Not sure why.

So, anyways- here's today's test. 9 dpo FMU I took 3 in case I got weird tests. Definitely something there, but no idea about these dye runs. I had a "not pregnant" digi- not surprisingly. I'm going to buy some FRERs for this afternoon. Please pray and send positive thoughts to me ladies. I'm taking baby aspirin and starting doing my progesterone suppositories last night. If I get a positive FRER today, I'll be hitting up my doctor tomorrow to get my Levonox (sp?) shots. Or these are crazy faulty of the two...:\

This was taken an hour after I peed, but I saw the beginning of something on all of them within the first 10-15 mins. Also, this pic has no enhancements.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:52 am
by danielleh22
My tests (including a FRER) around noon after a 6 hour hold :)


Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:57 am
by gayamusca
Danielle !! Looks like a +ve. Def call the doc tomorrow.

Eoe : hi !!
Sorry , on my the phone while nursing the little one so just wanted to say a quick hi.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:20 pm
by LeahsMom
I’ll do personals tmr... in the middle of a deep cleaning

Danielle congraaaaaats!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see progression girl!!! Woooooooo!!!! Start of many BFPs to come!!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:30 pm
by starMint
been offline for eva and now just catching up. I totally see that Danielleh!!!! whoot!!!!

congrats Gaya on kira and I hope you are enjoying reliving all the little moments :)
Hi Katie, Frances, Amber - hope you ladies are doing well!
Lindsey - oh geez I'm sorry you have the crud. hopefully you will all recover quickly.
Zaney - glad to hear all is going well
Dev, Marina xoxo
EOE hi!
AFM - baseline is Tuesday and then stims start next Monday the 27th. I'm very behind at work, but too fatigued to get s**t done... so i'm just doin what I can do. I will update my sig line with the new protocol