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Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:00 am

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA omg I am laughing SO HARD. Nobody likes to live in a shithole!! :rofl:

I had stretch marks with both kiddos, Marina. Definitely worse with Mr. Almost-10-pounds though!!
Will be back in a bit but had to comment on that post to Katy! Hilarious!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:50 am

Linds- yes AF got me, meant to text. And, slightly promising to me is that where my temps have been CRAZY since IUD came out (my cover line was SUPER high because my temps were already high before ovulating!)-- the onset of AF was textbook--- temps started to drop, I started to cramp, BAM. Fingers crossed my body is back to normal. Will be texting you for some OPK sticks. Also, congrats on being DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that time off is a good feeling!!! Enjoy the time with the in laws!

MARINA--- hahaha, yes, a thorough cleaning for a new tenant, I hope. And as always, you said that so eloquently :rofl: YOU BETTER BE WALKING AND HAVING LOTS OF AWKWARD PREGNANT LADY SEX TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!! As for stretch mark, I did not get them until the last few weeks with AD-- and I didn't even know because they were light but when my tummy deflated I could see them. Thankfully they fade. They are not purple spidery things forever.

Danielle-- a summer baby won't be so bad. Sure it'll be hot and you'll be big --BUT you will look pregnant not chubby. I was first-second tri in the summer last time and I just looked fat in my bathing suit! And maybe it is twins-- I thought I was having twins, BFP on 8dpo -- and honestly, the hint of something ( a disturbance as Lindsey would call it) on 7dpo. But just one very healthy baby!

Star--poor thing with the clothing side effect/result--- Dresses are definitely your friend. I just bought size up dresses for that first trip bloating -- so maybe buy a few "bigger" clothes now and that will carry you the first 15-20 weeks! Good luck for juicy eggs!

EOE-- hey ladies, sending my love and baby dest and go into labor dust-- and basically all the dust I have!

AFM: CD 2 -- yes, AF finally showed up after a 65 day cycle. I ended up ovulating a second time after the IUD removal but I am glad for that because my luteal phase and onset of period was pretty normal after that ovulation. Hoping that means things are regulating. Taking VITEX, EPO, omegas, RRL etc to help regulate hormones a bit more!! And although I had a slight chance of pregnancy last time (barely caught that second O), I am now fully on the TTC bandwagon and will be tracking, temping, charting, peeing, baby dancing!!! So throw all your tips my way ladies :)

My normal ovulation used to be 13-16 days so hoping to return to that. Post miscarriage, it was 28-22 and then post IUD, it was well, crazy. Not to sound super romantic or anything, but I would love to get the baby dancing done BEFORE the week of Christmas haha. Not because I hate baby dancing -- but because it's a lot harder to schedule while traveling. Some nights Dave will be at camp hunting, the bedroom we stay in has the squeakiest bed in the history of beds--- and his sister walks through it to get to the bathroom (no privacy) So yeah, cross your fingers that I ovulate by the 21 haha, right before we leave!!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:46 pm

Hi loves!
I'm just checking in on hump day --- today I made positive affirmations that I AM FERTILE. I even sang it at the top of my lungs. Feels good and I'm still feeling positive for this cycle. I actually don't get another US until Friday --- so I've been on my own since Monday! I was excited to see on Monday that I was tracking a day ahead of where I was the last 2 times and so I started the Cetrotide injections last night. We are currently thinking retrieval will be Monday 12/11 but will know more on Friday after my US.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:13 am

sending all the prayers, hopes and warm thoughts for Friday STAR!! FX for you

Marina-- any updates? come on baby boy!
Dev- same, any updates???
linds-- hope you just made another beautiful baby for me to obsess over pics of!

Hey mamas! Hope you all are well

AFM- CD 4-- you know, the boring part of the cycle-- AF is practically gone now, still a week before any possible BD-ing- maybe longer, no big need to pee on tests, although I probably will just in case I O early -- so waiting! Not a problem, just hoping to O before heading home to husband's squeaky iron bed in a tiny Mississippi house where the whole family might here the conception of our future babe hahahaha :rofl: :rofl: a not so "silent night" Also sad news-- I only have a couple friends here in ATL, and just found out one is moving boo!!

Ok, back to work.....

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:34 am

Katy - that is what the floor or bathroom is for :rofl:

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:11 pm

Star- haha that's what I told hubby-- better be ready for some floor sex.

Which at one point in our life would have sounded kind of wild and fun, but both of us were like really, sex on the cold hard floor, no thanks. But we will do what we have to do haha

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:15 am

Hey beauties

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I finished up at work a couple weeks ago and it hasn’t been much of a restful time unfortunately!

Going off of memory so forgive me...

Star - I cannot express just how excited I am for your retrieval. I praise your positive attitude, it puts me in such a great mood!

Marina - dying for labour news (and I’m sure you are, too!) can’t wait to see pics of your nameless little guy!
Why are boy names so hard?!?!

Lindsey - hoping this is your cycle! Glad your getting what must be a much needed break!

Katy - lots of luck to you too!! Baby making is so much harder when you already have one... energy where are you?!? I rather not even say how long it’s been for us but I think my hymen grew back.

Gaya - how are your little ones treating you??

Danielle - hope you’re feeling better. I totally feel your pain. How is pregnancy so far?

Really hope I didn’t miss anyone or anything!!

AFM - still holding out for some energy to hit me! No luck so far. First week off, Leah and I both got the stomach flu and as soon as that went, I caught another flu - cough and cold which is still lingering a bit. So I haven’t done half the things on my to-do list. I did register at the hospital finally and started planning what to pack in my bags (in my head) ...wait, i did pack 3 underwear’s if that counts for anything lol! Wednesday I’ll get my c-section date which will probably be end of December so I’m gonna try and get everything done in the next two weeks so I can devote my time to Leah on that last week since she will be home from school.

Hope you’re all doing great and i will do better at posting!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:33 pm

Hi, ladies!!

I've been sort of a recluse lately! I've still been getting over this super nasty cold. It's like a bad lingering cough that just won't go away..super annoying! Anyways, today I was having some serious sharp pains in my right side, really where my kidneys are. It kept getting worse so I ended up going to the ER during my lunch break (5 hours later....).
They of course did an ultrasound to rule out ectopic since I haven't had a scan yet. Of course the tech doesn't say anything, but I know what to look for on the screen..and there she was (Yes...I believe I'm having a girl), cute little yolk sac and fetal pole! It was a crappy abdomen ultrasound instead of transvaginal, but I could still see her clear as day! I could also see her little heart fluttering on the screen. The tech refused to talk to me, but I could see her measuring it and trying to measure the heartbeat. I was so happy to see something on the screen! I didn't get to with my last two miscarriages so seeing the little heart flutter was such a relief to me! Here are the notes ( I was able to download my chart once I got home):
Single, live, intrauterine gestation. Utilizing standard measurements, estimated gestational age is 6 weeks 4 days, correlating with an estimated delivery date of 8/3/2018. Estimated fetal heart rate is 128 bpm
My HCG was also 43,000!

I have another abdominal scan that was originally scheduled for this thursday so I get to see her again! They didn't know what was wrong with me at the hospital. I was negative for a kidney infection/UTI. I was 98% sure it was my kidneys. It's super painful still. They think it might be muscular. No idea...*sigh*.

Dev: I can't believe how close you are now!! 3 underwears is better than nothing... :rofl: I'm sure Leah will love getting to spend time with you right before the new baby :).
Star: Did you do retrieval on Monday?
Katy: Are your OPKs starting to get darker?
Marina: I believe the progesterone is working wonders right now! Looks like there is just one baby right now so I guess you were right... :rofl:
I hope I'm not forgetting's been kind of quiet on here!!

EOE: Hello!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:53 am

Hey ladies....

MARINA-- I think we all want updates!!!!!

Dev-- so close, you are NEXT. Enjoy the last weeks with just one baby! treasure it! keep us posted on section date...and you are smart to schedule it for end of December to get that tax credit haha


Danielle-- good news!! seeing that little flutter is such a relief. Fingers crossed for a healthy bean!!

AFM: CD 10-- OPKs are getting darker, maybe O in a few days -- or maybe not. Since it is first post IUD cycle, I don't know how my hormones are acting. I started testing every day after AF just to be sure I didn't miss it and we are BD EOD right now until it's close to positive in which case we will move to daily, I hope (no promises as we are old and tired). Also, I think I may have already shared this but DH's new "initiate sex" Line is "hey baby, are you ovulating..." we are so so so romantic apparently--- and back in TTC world completely I guess!

Nothing else here--- if the test get close to positive, I will try and post!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:39 pm

Hey guys. Still not feeling my best self. But just and update, Joshua is here. He arrived on 12/12 via c section after a short (8 hours) but not progressing induction.

He’s covered in fur and has long black hair. Little dude was 9 lbs and is squirmy on the outside as he was on the inside. He’s already capable of breaking out of a swaddle.

I’m pretty beat up ... and for those of you that know me, you know admitting that takes a lot!! Hoping to get back on track (and in a shower) soon!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:57 pm

Marina: Oh my goodness- he's here!!!!! 9lbs at that! I'm sorry you had a rough induction :(. Take care of yourself and get some much deserved rest while you're still in the hospital! So happy little (big I should say) Joshua is here! and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now go get some newborn snuggles (and rest)!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:58 pm

Hi dolls - sorry for the lack of posting... been just busy and not much for going on the site.
Danielleh - weird on the discomfort, but I'm glad it isn't an infection and that your little bean is looking good!
Katy - lol on the sex line

AFM - retrieval was today. After tracking a day ahead, my follicles slowed down and grew a little more slowly. They looked great; had 20 eggs retrieved, but because I ended up tracking a day behind, it was a definite no-go to attempt fresh transfer (my lining was looking too fuzzy). I'm feeling positive about this attempt and it is out of my hands for now - I'll get fertilization numbers tomorrow and then the big wait is for Monday to see how many make it to blast.

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:38 am

Marina-- YAY for Joshua!!! And so sorry it was rough. Induction turned section is no joke-- you get the roughness of BOTH forms of labor! Hope you are feeling a bit better soon

Star-- yay for retrieval and so many eggs. FX for you. I have had several friends who had more success with frozen transfer after a failed fresh transfer-- bodies had time to heal after the whole process before trying to get preggo! So hoping this delay is a good rest for your body. And update us on BLASTS!!!


Danielle/Dev/ EOE-- hey ladies, how are you feeling?

AFM: CD11. still BD-ing EOD. Last night I romantically told husband he had to be in and out in 5 minutes which he very willingly obliged haha. I promised more enthusiastic sex on Friday when it wasn't 11 pm after mopping the kitchen, wrapping presents and full day of work haha. Like I said, so much romance in our house while TTC :)

Anyone else feeling behind on the holidays?? I have most of my gifts but "Santa" is coming Saturday (my sister's kids don't celebrate Santa so we can't do it Christmas morning") and we are doing our own little Christmas just the 3 of us-- so I have to go get stocking stuffers tomorrow. Plus I need to address and mail out Christmas cards- and buy/make teacher and co-worker gifts. I love the holiday season and try to stay on top of gifts/cards so I can enjoy it-- but this year, with a toddler, I feel behind!!

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:14 am

Marina - the struggle is so real. I don't know if you remember, but I had a failed induction with Fiona. I labored for 3 days before finally having to get a section. I know exactly how awful you feel, and my heart goes out to you! HUGE hugs and congrats on furry Joshua! Ciaran could break out of a swaddle like nothing too lol you're going to have your hands full!

Katy - I have started testing today but nothing to see except this crazy chart of mine. ;) Are you gearing up for floor sex? :rofl: Girl, when it's fertile window time in this house, there is no romance, but it's still enjoyable. DH will say, "I gotta do you again tonight or what?" :mrgreen: Yeah we don't celebrate xmas really either but since Fiona turns 2 on the 21st we still have plenty to celebrate. ;) The in-laws' gift from us is a collage picture frame with 12 pictures of the kids in it. I hope they like it!

Dev - you are sooooo close! Such a good idea to spend extra time with Leah before baby comes. I did the same with Fiona. :)

Danielle - pregnancy illness sucks!! I hope you are feeling better soon! Get some raw honey in you! ;)

Star - YAY for an awesome retrieval!! How many got fertilized? Can't wait for Monday to hear about the 5 or 6 that made it to blast. ;)

AFM - 7dpo, crazy high temps on the chart, semester is over (all As baby! current GPA is 3.70 - one semester to go!), and in-laws are coming for Fi's birthday next week. I am excited for them to see the kids, just not so excited they will be here for a week. :lol:
Going to have a much-needed ME DAY tomorrow - getting a haircut, doing a little shopping, and whatever the bloody hell else I want to do ALL BY MYSELF. Let's be real, I will probably miss the kids after a few hours and come home, but not until I have treated myself to a Starbucks salted caramel latte and a walk around the mall to poke around a little and observe the human animal's interactions with the environment. It's literally been almost 2 years since I have been in a mall. I have never been a big fan of them to actually buy anything, but I do love me some people watching. ;) I'm not creepy I swear! :rofl:

Re: GET IN MY BELLY! Ft. Pee Stick Porn & Baby Spam

Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:16 pm

Marina Congratulations on baby Joshua!!! Lots of virtual hugs and hope you feel alot better soon.
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