2018 Babies

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Re: 2018 Babies

Postby pdxqueer » Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:40 am

Hey Scarletwillow,

Sucks you are feeling down. It never helps to know that its (partly) hormonal - doesn't make it any less of a real feeling. I totally feel you about wanting to be surprised. In my work I encounter a lot of pregnant teens and I'm always like, c'mon world you have to be kidding me! This girl...who may or may not even want to be expecting...gets pregnant just like that and then ladies like me have to hope, wish, pray and jump through a million weird hoops? I'm trying to put it in God's hands (where it belongs, at least in my world, to each their own) but holy moly it's tough. Yah, I'm feeling pretty done with early testing, too. It's starting to feel like a losing at scratch-its a bunch of times in a row but like 1000x worse.

AF totally showed up yesterday, super heavy today. Also hormonal! =/

Our plan is, basically, we have pre-purchased 3 cycles worth of one try a cycle. (One little try! And the pre-washed kind we're using is only viable for like 6-12 hours inside so your timing has got to be INSANE!) We are now in month 2. We figure that's sort of phase one. Partially, our donor's supply is limited so that's all they had left for that span of time. The way we planned it, after those 3 cycles are up, more supply should be released again from the same donor, which is nice. (Choosing the donor turned out to be really difficult, don't want to do it again...sticking to same one if at all possible...) If that doesn't work, I'm thinking stepping up to 2 tries a cycle for a couple months, sticking with the old fashioned delivery method. Then, if that doesn't work, I'm thinking stepping up to IUI 1-2x a cycle. I'm hesitant to go straight for IUI (which many women using banks do) just because...yikes! It goes where?! I've heard conflicting reports - did the IUI hurt in your experience? I'm already freaked out of doctors and medical procedures so I just don't think that would help create an ideal pro-conception environment for me. Also, yah. Bye-bye romance, privacy, hands-on couple involvement, etc. Slightly icky. Not knocking it as an option, of course - obviously babies created this and other ways are still BABIES, which is the whole point. I'm also really hesitant to use the drugs just because...IDK, we really don't have evidence that the "problem" is fertility really. The problem is more like...absence of regular exposure to sperm naturally/lack of adequate funding to provide regular exposure to sperm, LOL. Worst-case scenario, all these phases fail after like 7-10 cycles - that's when I step up to the big guns and start wondering if something is wrong. Hopefully we haven't put a second mortgage on the home by that point. =p

What about you? What is your plan/timeline looking like? I think for both of us we are very early in this story so really don't lose heart just yet. Your little guy must be getting really big now! You've done it once, you can definitely do it again.

I started knitting a jumper and I picked out a scrapbook to hold the (obviously PG rated) "story of where you came from" for when my baby-to-be starts getting curious about their particular stork ride. =) The scrapbook aisle at Michael's has become a total vortex for me, LOL. Just focusing on little things like that helps me feel like I'm making progress even if I'm a bit stalled out at the moment. We re-ordered this morning for this cycle's delivery. Here we go again....
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Re: 2018 Babies

Postby scarletWillow3086 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:05 pm

Hey pdxqueer,

Sorry to hear about AF. That's never fun. And super heavy too?? Ugh what a bummer. I feel your pain there. My AF just ended yesterday (it was 8 days long and took forever to finish).

I like your plan. Go with 1 try per cycle at first, then 2 tries in a cycle, then try the IUI. Its a good solid plan. Are you on fertility medications of any kind? I understand that its very unromantic to do the IUI. After a long time of DH and I trying, we went for it because we just had enough of trying with disappointment after disappointment, and the unromantic part didn't seem so big a deal.

The IUI isn't painful. Its very similar to going in for an annual pelvic exam. Its pretty much harmless, if not a little awkward. Of course you'll be nervous at first, but its really not painful. In fact, I thought it was less uncomfortable than pap smears. The doctor comes in and tells you the sperm numbers, they wish you luck, the IUI takes less than 3 minutes, and then you sit there on the chair for 10 minutes or so, and take a breather. Then the waiting 2 weeks, which is the worst.

My timeline isn't very structured. My son is still breastfeeding at night, so I'm not allowed to go on fertility medications until he is weaned. He probably won't be weaned completely until he turns a year old in September, so we will try on our own until he is weaned. Then, if no luck, I will go back on fertility medication with IUI. It worked the second time for us. I'd rather not go back on the procedures unless we absolutely have to. DH would go for fertility meds/IUI now but it can't happen yet.

That is adorable with the scrapbooking and obsession with Michaels, etc. At least it keeps you busy! Keep me posted. What CD are you?
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