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Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:45 am

Momma - that's a nice looking bump! I can't wait until I start to bump out. Right now I don't think I "look" pregnant. It's more of a "Is that a beer belly or..." look. haha

Dana - glad the opk is progressing!

Faith - still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

eoe - hello!

AFM - Still doing really well. I'm having this inner hip/groin pain. If I sit too long it's super stiff and painful to walk, like I pulled a muscle but I know I didn't. I have to basically be laying down, or walking for it not to act up. I'm trying to figure out what's causing it. Does anyone know or had something similar? Is it sciatica?

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:42 am

Andi it is probably round ligament pain. I had it early on then disappeared and now I occasionally feel it. It's pretty common to experience some pain in the down there region during pregnancy. I had it really bad with my first pregnancy. He was my biggest though. How many weeks are you now?

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:05 pm

Hello. I'm obsessing again. I'm not supposed to be visiting the boards but here I am.

I'll try to get caught up in everyone and everything but here is what I have retained.

Dana, hugs to you. I'm so sorry for your lost.

Andi, congrats.

Momma, congrats.

Afm, we started trying again this month. I'm 9dpo and squinting. What do you girls think.

I've missed you all so much.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:24 pm

Oops. I seem to be out of practice.
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Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:46 pm

Eeek wishful! You just made my day! I've missed you so much!! I maybe see something faint on the test but those give terrible early lines! So glad you are back!!

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:02 pm

Thanks for the input momma! I'm 16 weeks now. I guess there's nothing you can do to help?

Wish - so glad to see you are back! Post a bigger picture it's hard to see. I want to zoom in!

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:20 pm

Hello ladies. Wish so glad to hear from you. Think I may see something on that test. We really missed you here. Andia 16 weeks already yay! Sorry about your pain. Courtney your nails look great and that bump is gorgeous. Danaa I hope you O soon. Faith I hope you get your bfp even though you feel out right now. Nickysy what a busy time, but hopefully fun with family around. Fly hope your cycle comes soon so you can know what your body is doing. Whoz, Star, Loz, Baby, Banana thinking about you ladies. Hope that's everyone. Afm nothing much to allow. In the tww and enjoying time with dh. Cut the grass in back yard on sat. It was 2 feet high in some places so it took 2 hours and 40 mins. I did half the work and my dh the other half. It would have never gotten that tall if the yard drained better. It takes forever to dry after it rains and was raining every couple of days for a while. It took over all 6 hours over three separate days separated by some rain days. Goring to try to make sure it doesn't get that bad again! That's all for now except hugs, baby dust, and sticky vibes to all of us!

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:00 pm

Try this one. I'll take another in the morning
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Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:43 pm

Wish: Good to see you!! I'm not sure about that brand of test but I see a very very very faint line. FX!!

Momma: Thank you. I'm hanging in there. You look wonderful with your baby bump. I purchased OSOM last cycle. I bet they are good. All I have is FRER left now.

Danaa: I think your test is going to go positive really soon. You feel O right?

Whoz: How are you doing?

Andia: I agree with momma that it sounds like round ligament pain. Drink lots of water and do gentle stretches.

Nickysy: Thinking of you, hope you are resting up good.

MK: Wow! Kuddos to you both!! Keep us posted on any symptoms you are having. FX


AFM: Just hanging in here.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:12 pm

So it dried into a perfect Evap line. I can't believe I'm obsessing this soon after trying again. I don't want to become the person I was. I just want to be happy. What is wrong with me.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:57 pm

Wish it's ok to be excited about ttc again. I'd rather you be excited than fearful and bogged down by it. Did you find anything out specific to help you conceive again? I hope it's not an evap we see and you will see a darker line tomorrow!

Angela good to hear from you. Sounds like the yard was a chore! I hate push mowing! It's good exercise though!

Faith how was your temp today? Just now 6 dpo right? You are in the implantation phase!! Hope to hear of some symptoms soon!

Nicky I hope you are doing well.

Loz we haven't heard from you in a couple days. Praying all is well and you are just busy!

Whoz where are you lady?

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:24 pm

I got pregnant my first cycle on clomid last time. It was ectopic, and my Dr said it was just bad location. We tried Clomid again this month. It seems my eggs don't quite mature on their own.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:14 am

Hi guys,
I can't seem to get into the site lately for some reason, it keeps logging me out and saying that my password is wrong (the same password it just let me log in with ?!?)
Wish, it's so god to hear from you, I've been thinking of you. I see the faintest possible line in the second picture, I really hope it's not just an Evap!!
Courtney, that's one beautiful bump momma!! I can't wait either Andi. I'm already so bloated.
I'm actually on my way to the doctors right now to get some morning sickness medication. I've been up half the night vomiting again and felt sick all day, i just realised I can't keep going like this at work. I can't call in sick ATM either! I would have today but my boss dropped a super important meeting in for tomorrow with very little notice.
Faith, you're doing so well holding out on testing! Not long now!! I think it was you who asked what I do for work? If not, sorry I can't remember who it was!! I am a marketing manager at a home entertainment company here (I don't want to say which one in case I ever complain about them haha) so basically DVDs/iTunes etc for some fun tv product. It's pretty great but it's not exactly a growing industry so it's tough.
Nicky, your family visit sounds crazy busy!
Dana, I hope you o nice and quick as you wanted!!
Sorry I can't do full personals guys, will come back after this meeting is done with & do a full update! Xx

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:21 am

Andi, I also have something that sounds similar but on my outer hip/glute but it's from an injury. My chiro said it was jarred out of alignment and then the problem is because I can't not walk on it, I've tightened up all the muscles and tendons around it so it's causing constant pain. So she recommended a bunch of stretches but also a foam roller and massage ball. That's why I've been so into yoga this last year, it's the only thing that gives me any relief! The foam roller and massage ball are great as well.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:40 am

Momma: My temp has recovered. I'm just looking at it. I feel both still preggy/PMSy. Thursday will tell all though still early.

Loz: I had the same issue yesterday. The site kept logging me out!! Stealing my super long posts too. :oops: When my temp drop I went wee on a test like clockwork. How at 6dpo a pee stick would ease my worries is unbeknownst to me. I just did it. Then stared at the whiteness. Then did it again yesterday :shock: . (that's what happened to my OSOM test, I promised myself if my temp went up today I would not test. And I didn't this morning nor will I again (as long as my temp stays up...LOL). I did ask about what you did for work. I love marketing products. I use to do it for fun in middle school in acting class...hehe. I love making jingles and artwork. But it sounds pretty demanding on you right now. I hope your boss is sensitive to your needs. HUGS

Wish: Girlfriend, I have no idea why we tests like crazy. I was initially going to beat myself up but then I came to the realization that I'm not perfect (no way???). Many people have addictions and if mine is peeing on sticks then fine. When I have bought too many my husband will simply take my card away....well, he'll want to but I'll give him the 'look' and he'll say 'just take it easy'...HAHAHA So don't feel bad for testing. Praying that line gets darker too!

AFM: here's my chart (copy save your stuff so it doesn't get deleted like mine keeps doing...what is up with this site?)
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