TTC 9yrs unexplained infertility!

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Postby Laticauda » Fri May 13, 2011 9:35 am

Have you had your tubes tested to see if they are blocked? They can look "all clear" on the outside, and have problems inside.

Also, I wonder if perhaps there is some sort of bacteria that is not commonly tested for that could be preventing you from getting pregnant. I just learned last week, that I have one of these rare bacteria, and am undergoing antibiotics to get rid of that problem.

Have you had your DP's sperm tested using the hamster egg? Perhaps now his sperm are having trouble penetrating the egg?

It just seems like there are so many unanswered questions for you. Do you have health insurance? Do they cover infertility work ups? I'd see an RE ASAP if I were you, and if you see them, and are unhappy with what they are willing to do for you, find another doctor! Not all RE's are created equal, and from my knowledge, a lot of them aren't in it to help make babies naturally, but instead prefer IVF, which irritates me, but that's another thread entirely I think!
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Postby megan6912 » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:28 pm

I know this thread is kinda old, but the first thing I thought of when you said you had a c section was your tubes. C sections are known to block tubes and since you have been trying for 9 years I think it's time to get an HSG. I would bet money that your tubes are blocked.
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Postby soskinny » Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:35 am

Thanks ladies. Thought i would update. I had all CM testing done and my CM is good quality and quantity :oops: I also started taking a multivitamin and iron suplement because my af's are heavy and i keep suffering anaemia. I was just starting to save for HSG to get my tubes checked when i found out both my boys are autistic. I spoke to a specialist and as the boys have different dads, it is definate they somehow got it from me.

I have been told as they both have it there is a high chance of another child of mine having it and that another pregnancy is not advised.

I have wondered for sometime if maybe my eggs were the issue and now with this diagnosis i feel im right. Im currently looking more into my options to see if its possible to have another child and how i should go about it. Good luck ladies on your journeys to getting a bfp
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