Varicocele surgery or straight to IVF?

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Varicocele surgery or straight to IVF?

Postby smari » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:05 am

In Jan. we discovered, after TTC since Nov. 2010, that my DH has poor sperm counts likely due to a varicocele. His urologist/male fertility specialist suggested he have surgery to correct the problem. However, though statistics show that surgery generally improves sperm count that doesn't necessarily translate into pregnancy. We were told after surgery it will take 4 months to produce sperm again, then you try for 6 months - 1 year naturally before they suggest moving onto IVF.

It's been very difficult to get my DH to commit to either of these options. I know he wants a family and is ready (we're both 31), but I think he's a bit uncomfortable with the idea of surgery (can't blame him). I'm fine going straight to IVF. I just really want to get going on WHATEVER we decide. I've been patient since learning what we're dealing with in January, but now it's JUNE!!!! My DH is not an overly communicative person to begin with and this is definitely not his favorite subject. Last night when I asked (again) what our plan should be... he said he would redo an SA again and see if there has been any improvement after changing diet/vitamins. Is he holding on to false hope??

My generally easy going nature is starting to eat me up inside. I hate to put pressure on him but this is becoming very frustrating. I know it falls on me to get the ball rolling and start expressing more urgency. I don't know why this is so difficult for me.

Anyone out there have similar issues with their DH or deciding whether or not to have varicocele surgery? Sidenote: we have GREAT insurance and infertility coverage so that does not really have an effect on our decision.
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Postby Emerald05 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:57 pm

I think you need to force the issue. Maybe allow him to try an SA one more time, and then if they are still low he has to commit to a decision.

As a note, my DH is fine about all things ttc and frequently talks about wanting kids asap, but the thought of having surgery on his "boys" is enough to make him question wanting kids. He FREAKS out just thinking about it. So that could be some of the issue, and he may wanna skip straight to ivf.
Good luck!!
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Postby rebeljennie » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:50 pm

We have had the same issue. How low was his count? Our RE recommended varicocele surgery and then offered for us to jump right into to IVF. They did not see a point in us waiting and trying naturally. Although, we did choose to try naturally first in hopes we'd get lucky and save the cost of IVF. 8 months after surgery his count tripled but still no luck. November will be 1 yr since Dh surgery so we have chosen to do IVF then.

But our RE has given us the "I Told You So" talk so yes we should have done IVF right after his count went up.

Good luck!

Oh and btw: Dh was scared to death to do the surgery. He had it done on a Friday and by Monday he was more then fine! He had no pain with it and actually got to enjoy his weekend sitting on the couch watching TV while doing NOTHING! If he thought it would get him out of doing yard work tomorrow he'd prob elect to have the surgery done again LOL!
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