18 months of trying--

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18 months of trying--

Postby findleyfam » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:05 pm

We have been trying to conceive with meds for several months, this month we took a break and now I am late! However, we have taken a break before and my cycles went back to longer rather than shorter....

I haven't taken a HPT yet-- I am too afraid of another negative.

Check out my chart and see what you think!

Me- 30, PCOS- DH- 37, normal
July 2011-Clomid 50mg CD 5-9- BFN
August-Clomid 50mg CD 5-9- BFN
September 2011-Clomid 100mg CD5-9- BFN
October 2011-Clomid 150mg CD 3-7- BFN
Rest-- Nov-Feb
Feb 2012- R.E. DX me with PCOS
March 2012- Femara 5mg CD3-7-BFN
April 2012- Femara 5mg- CD 3-7- BFN
May 2012- Femara 5mg- CD 3-7- BFN
June 2012- Injections CD 3-15, 20mm follicle on left side on CD 15, Trigger shot CD 15, IUI CD 17---
July-- Rest month- Ovulation MAYBE on CD 20-21?
September- Injection round #2. 150iu daily starting CD 3 for 8 days. One mature 19mm follicle on R side CD 11. Estradiol was at 89. No trigger, no IUI.
October - Second opinion.
October 2012-January th 2013- BCPs
January- CD 3-7- 7.5 mg Femara once daily.

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