Feeling like I can't take it anymore...

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Feeling like I can't take it anymore...

Postby SamLeeC » Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:51 pm

I just need to vent a little bit....

I've been TTC#1 with my DH for about 15 months now. I've been diagnosed with PCOS and have very irregular periods. Because of that, I was put on Clomid and still haven't had luck. This last month I was put on 150mg of Clomid (my highest dose yet), I was given an HCG shot, and had my 1st IUI this month (2 IUI procedures in 1 cycle).

I'm 15 DPO today, and my period seems to be starting. I had what looked like a very faint BFP on Monday (12 DPO), a BFN on Tuesday (13 DPO), 2 very faint BFP Wed (14 DPO) where I then got a negative urine test result at the doctor, and blood drawn. Today at 15 DPO my period seems to be starting and my HCG was only 6...so it's looking like I'm out this month.

I'm just so sick and tired of the constant disappointment. It's beginning to feel like it's just never going to happen. I really thought this month would be it...with the IUI, Clomid, and shot...and I had a great follicle, everything went the way it should on the ultrasound...I just don't understand. :(
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Postby lilbug » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:54 am

We have all felt what you are feeling. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but I am 7.5 years in and it doesnt. :(
We just have to find some hope that it will eventually happen.

Good luck!!
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Postby unaffected » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:46 am

Sometimes it takes a couple IUIs to get that BFP! And unfortunately, sometimes it takes even more effort, such as IVF.

I've seen tons of ladies on this site get pregnant on their 2nd or 3rd IUI, so try to stay hopeful! There are so many variables that play into having a successful cycle, it's a wonder anyone gets pregnant at all!

After 4.5 years, 7 medicated cycles and 4 1/2 IUIs (one was cancelled due to 8 mature follicles), my DH and I decided to pursue a clinical trial where the cost of IVF was free. I'm so thankful that I kept on trucking, kept on fighting, and kept on trying. Sometimes all you can do is just keep on.

Best of luck to you! :luck:
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Re: Feeling like I can't take it anymore...

Postby kraken » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:29 pm

I had one of those very disappointing IUI cycles a couple of years ago. After waiting so long and spending that much money I figured that I deserved a break. I had a BFN but I kept at it. I am now so pleased that I didn't throw in the towel but I do know that everyone has a point where they say enough is enough. For some people that would be after a year of trying. For others it might be after IVFs. If you still have a bit of hope, keep on going. We are here when you need to vent.

Im sorry this is taking such an agonizing long time.
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