HELP! 13 DPO w/ OPK, BFN :(

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HELP! 13 DPO w/ OPK, BFN :(

Postby MauiMom » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:27 pm

Hi ladies! I'm new here, I have a question for anyone who may have been in my shoes before...

I'm 36, irregular cycles (never been regular). My cycles can vary between 30-60 days. I have had BFP's with my previous pregnancies pretty early on.

I'm TTC because this is the last year I told myself I'd have a baby and my hubby has no biological children.

I'm currently on CD 59 and got a BFN today. I purchased Clearblue Digital OPK's earlier this month and the very first night I tried it, it was a smiley face on CD45 (8/4/15)... I jumped him & we BD'd within a few hours. Lol

I took another OPK the next night and it was negative. (I wanted to see if was the first LH surge day, so apparently it on my second day.)

I did not notice any ovulation pains or symptoms, so I don't know if I ovulated on CD44 or CD45... or even 46!

I have no symptoms of the impending AF. Typically I will spot a day or two prior to AF- still nothing til this day. (I'm only guessing I'm 13DPO)

I'm driving myself mad because I keep getting BFN's and all the posts I've come across say approximately 90% of people get their BFP's by this point.

Does anyone have any insight? Greatly appreciate your time ladies. :)
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