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I got my period but I still feel pregnant

Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:55 pm

My period was two days late until I got it. On Monday, I got a very faint positive, or at least what I thought was a faint positive on my hpt. This period isn't like my usual period. My cramps are worse than they've ever been before, I have the worse nausea ever (I almost didn't eat lunch because of it), the heaviness of my flow is right in between light and medium, I haven't had to change my pad yet today, and I haven't passed any tissue or blood clots. I usually have no cramps or nausea and my period is usually heavy, especially the first day of the period. There are also blood clots and tissue that pass when I have a regular period. I just feel so suspicious about how different my "period" is this cycle, and I also just feel pregnant. My question is, is there a chance of pregnancy or could my cycle just be changing? Also, do you recommend taking another pregnancy test?

Re: I got my period but I still feel pregnant

Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:21 pm

by all means take another test. A lot of women have spotting/bleeding in early pregnancy. If test is positive, and darker than the test on monday, then it's likely just spotting (possibly associated with implantation). If test is positive but no darker or lighter than the test on Monday, then it could be a CP. A third possibility is an ectopic (you're not having aches/pains on either side are you?). In any case, if a test is positive and you are still bleeding, you should call your OB and get a series of quantitative blood betas to determine if pregnancy is progressing.


Re: I got my period but I still feel pregnant

Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:25 pm

I took a test just now, and will probably take one tomorrow morning. The period started yesterday, I went through just one pad and the bleeding was more medium than light, and then woke up and changed it this morning. The bleeding was pretty light today, and it basically just stopped an hour ago and the blood is now a pinkish color. I also experienced some cramping the past two days, but it was different than my usual period cramps. It was more of a twisting sensation. I'm not too sure if this is IB (although I'm 17 DPO), or if it could be an ectopic pregnancy.
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