1st IVF, no clue where to go.

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1st IVF, no clue where to go.

Postby mamati » Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:42 pm

Hello. I'm so new to this my had is spinning or it could be the meds. :)

Basic and hopefully short story. I am 37 (38 in June) and have been with my husband for almost 4 years , half married. We have been trying since we got married. I was on bcp pills for 10 years due to PCOS clinical symptoms. I was checked by OBGYN through and through prior to trying to conceive. He cleared me. I did and HCG, cervical stenosis dilated since there was some tightness but not closure. Sorry, TMI coming. I can have a menstrual but worried no sperm could go in, so he performed it to ensure I was "ok". Again, nothing. Husband got tested at the local fertility clinic highly rated in our area and saw the best male infertility guy after 3 tests noting he had 800K in sperm. Yikes. Well, there was our answer. Then, we went to another place for IVF due to high rates of success. I think the ones that weren't successful didn't report it or was removed...

Needless to say, we went in got told we were going to get pregnant on the 1st try, my ovarian reserve was good and better than the norm. I was thrilled, but everyday, the bcp made me sick, sore, headaches that were so painful. Then the meds were increased before the process started which alarmed both me and my husband. I don't know all the abbreviations here, so I can't use them. Sorry

I started the process back in December for January trigger and stopped as my husband wasn't happy with the runaround from the clinic and the staff and doctor putting full figured clients down. Not just me, it was anyone with curves the office commented on. Full of meds, I went home crying two or three times, even if I was good at telling them off.

If you spend money, they cash your checks, then they need to learn to shut it. Simple.

All this and we were commuting 3-4 hours each way all month of March and part of February once we were back on track. I tried looking up info to see what to expect, so many bias reviews. So many people unrealistic about my case. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I live in the real wold. I wanted the dr to tell us the realistic outcome of fertility, give me stats, and proof.

Once the stim meds were started on March 11 after my last bcp on March 7th. I was told things looked great, and they were expecting 20+ eggs. I was surprised since I'm older and PCOS. Every other day, the numbers went down, but not much.
Then by day 9 I was told to come in for another day to determine what's going to be the plan.

Day 10 (20th) was my trigger night. I was scared as he noted 7 mature and 4 others not mature but within a range where they will try and retrieve them, along with less than a dozen not mature but if he sees them he will grab them. Okay, anything to get a baby. Right?

Day of retrieval came and only got 5 eggs. What bothered me was where the others went, why so quick??? So many questions and the team of doctors, staff, and such were not helpful and not interested in answering a single question. I was frustrated.
Then told it was still a 5day trasnfer, but by day 1 I was told 3 survived, 2 arrested. Then told I was ding a 3day transfer and alarm bells went off in my head.

I went to work that morning to keep my mid off things, I was cramping but able to walk. I was swollen from ER. Okay, that's normal from hat everyone was saying. The 25th I went in on my 3dt and 2 went in 8 cell and 9cell. Both were said to be good, but nothing specific. 1 was left to grow and possibly be frozen. It arrested, but didn't say what day or what cell stage, nothing.

I had to drive home 3 hours in Friday traffic after a 15 minute rest. I was told no hottubs, no hot baths, no sex for a week, and take meds as prescribed. I had severe cramping and didn't take anything to ensure my embryos had some sort of chance. Anything. I started light pink blood on wiping toilet paper. It was twice one day an one day before that brown discharge (very lil with the progesterone cream). I think it was like 3-4 days post transfer. I was worried. I caled dr office and she said it was most likely progesterone irritation. Only call them if I was bleeding to soak a pad or specific side pain by ovaries to check for ectopic. Wow, that wasn't reassuring or helpful. I then called my OBGYN and PCP, I was then asked to come in and my PCP said she couldn't do much but run CBC as it would be too early to test for HCG.

My OBGYN was on vacation but his back up called and said to take tylenol for pain and if the pain was on one side to go to ER for ultrasound and verify it isn't the worst case scenario. I avoided this as the pain began getting better by Wednesday the 30th. This is day5dp3dt, I think that's how it's noted. I finally was able to walk without having to stop and hold my belly. By Friday I felt better. My husband asked me to take an HPT test, I was reluctant, but we've been waiting to have kids.

I said it was too soon. I took one last night and cried, knowing it might be too soon and subjecting me to pee on a stick was just wrong. I was 8dp3dt. This morning before he went to work he asked me to pee again, I said "no". Jerk.

Lots of pressure. His family has been horrible during this ordeal making comments that if we don't get pregnant it's because of me. Yet, I was clear of problems. I didn't point fingers. I just put myself through shots, medications from hell, gooey stuff in my hoo hah, and listening to a bunch of yankies with no idea the ordeal it takes to go through IVF. I had already been more emotional than usual. I don't know if its the estrogen or progesterone. I have constipation, that makes it miserable in itself and I eat fiber and take supplements with no relief.

After hubby left for work, I took HPT, again BFN. Did I say this right? 9dp3dt. Is this normal? My blood test is set for Tuesday April 5th, and again April 8th. Because we're self pay through this ordeal, since I am avoiding driving hours for blood test, I was given labcorp stuff. but told it was going to cost pretty penny. So I called my OBGYN who was back from vacation and got it ordered through my own insurance. Gees. So complicated, then informed the clinic and dr. I got such grief from the chump, I was tempted to drive there and punch him into common sense. Seriously, the group of people there are on my last nerve.

I'm apprehensive. Two embryos in, nothing leftover, a horrible support system, out $20,000 cash and almost a month of missing work, and I don't have any personal family... I'm so alone. I don't say anything to anyone but 2 of my friends as I'm pretty private. I don't know where else to go.

Scared. Anyone have negative home test results which then ended up in positive blood tests? Anyone? I refuse to test until they draw my blood on scheduled day. These 2 days have made me rotten and I have odd symptoms but could be meds.

My symptoms: I have had that short stint of spotting when wiping which stopped. I get random dizziness feeling, haven't passed out just light headed and slows me down. I get hungry, my breast are crazy sore (progesterone I think) and more so as the days pass than at the start. I have cramps, which I rarely got when I have menstrual, but have them but could be ovaries going back to size or maybe a period coming on... Don't know. I have lower back pain for 2 days and stopped. Fall asleep the last 3 days out of exhaustion in afternoon, like I have the flu. I randomly get emotional, when the things that normally don't bug me do. I cry at commercials. Ugh. I crave nuts, like cashews and walnuts and odd things I don't eat regularly. And, I use the restroom to do #1 instead of one time a night, maybe 3-5 times a night. I'm always hungry when I a not really or just ate .

The worst ones are the dreams, they are so real and scary. some are weird, but I had to ask to see if they were real. Anyone have vivid dreams? Is it meds?

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from anyone.
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Re: 1st IVF, no clue where to go.

Postby bunny123 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:11 am

I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. The whole situation must have left you feeling uneasy. I can't believe you went to work right after your ER! I was in pain for a couple of days after mine.

I also had some major cramps day of my transfer and also the day after. Did your doctor tell you to be on strict bed rest the day of and two days after transfer?

I'm not sure when you're supposed to test for 3 day transfers (there is a poll on the ivf boards I'm sure you can look at), but there is a girl in the March 2016 IVF thread that said she got her first BFP at 9dp5dt, so maybe you still have a chance? I tested 7dp6dt and got my BFP then... But that's later than 9dp3dt too.

I'm sorry that your ivf clinic seems so uncaring and cold. I actually kind of felt that at my clinic too. Many emails would go unanswered and the nurse is nice to my face when it's my appointment time, but if she sees me when I'm just going in to draw blood, she doesn't even acknowledge me. Maybe they go through so much volume, they stopped caring at a personal level for each patient? I wish they would at least pretend though...

I had my first beta yesterday 4/4, and my next tomorrow. Seems like we are on a similar cycle. Good luck! I hope you get good results today!
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Re: 1st IVF, no clue where to go.

Postby chorse37 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:54 am

I don't have anything to add about IVF but I wanted to tell you that my heart goes out to you. Dealing with uncaring doctors and nurses is painful and humiliating, and I hope that if you have to go through this again you can find a place that suits you better. I hope your husband and in laws can find it within themselves to help support you emotionally through this, too.

This forum is a great place to find strong, caring women to help you through the hard times and help you celebrate the good times. I hope your good times come soon - you're definitely due for it. You can also look for local infertility and loss support groups. Most hospitals have something at least once a month. Hang in there and I'll be thinking about you!
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