Lots of questions

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Lots of questions

Postby mmora66 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:11 pm

I am curently on Nuvaring and had take it out recently as instructed for the week off of it. my period started 3 days after taking it out. but only lasted around 4 days and I didn't bleed much or cramp much either. The last day of my period my and SO had sex and then the next day i was to put the Nuvaring in but did not do so until after 9pm. I usually notice when my CM changes I do not track it or anything but i pay attention to when it changes. last week i noticed pinching in my abdomen and my CM became white and pasty. it's not usually like that after my period. I googled it and found that for some you can have a pinch pain when implantation happens. Also that for some CM can become white and pasty after ovulation. Was just wondering has anyone recalled ovulating that early after the start of their period? did something similar happen to anybody? Could I have gotten pregnant from being off the Nuvaring while having sex and waiting all the next day to put in the Nuvaring?

I am not ttc and am preventing but if it were to happen that wouldn't be bad at all.
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