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12dpiui & I need a margarita!

Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:48 pm

Ladies, I'm 12dpiui and since at least 7-8dpiui I could swear that AF was coming. I would've bet my last $ on it. But, so far she's a no show. I've taken HPTs and all have been BFNs. AF normally shows up between the 4th and 6th of every month, so I'm thinking she should be here tomorrow. Had a temp drop from 97.7 to 97.2 this AM :( but I have only just started temping so I don't know how much weight to add to those numbers because there was also a temp drop from 97.7 to 97.4 at 10dpiui. I was also pretty dry down there yesterday but today there's some creamy, lotiony type CM (albeit it's not a lot, but it's there). My body, that I thought I knew so well, is confusing the crap out of me these last few days. What do you ladies think? Am I out based on that little bit of info? Or do y'all think it's still early?
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