Day13po and still BFN

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Day13po and still BFN

Postby LouiseWS » Sat Jun 11, 2016 5:34 am

Hi Everyone, We are currently on our TWW, I'm the one TTC, I'm 30, I had a positive clear blue digital ovulation test on Sunday 29th May, we Ai at 11:30pm (ish) that night with fresh sperm from our donor.
Since then i've had lots of symptoms such as Uterus pulling, cramps, nausea, excessive urination and bloating. CM is either Watery which makes me think and check for my period, and when it's not doing this it is lotion like and sticky to touch. My smelling senses are also going crazy.
To be honest i've been POAS crazy, and I mean crazy everytime I go for a wee, which is a lot, each one has been a BFN, I'm beginning to lose hope really.

My last period was May 13th - 17th May, I have very irregular periods, basically it's every other month and has been this way since November 2015.

I'm so desperate for our dream to come true, we also had a chemical pregnancy in February 2016.

Could anyone offer any advice? Is it far too early to be getting a positive on hpt? I've tried £1 Asda/Pound world Tests, Clear Blue Digital + Non Digital (on which there was a faint line to make a cross but it only developed about 2 hours later, and when opened it up to inspect it closer) Several Negative FRER.

My Ovulation/Period Tracker is suggesting I'm due on this Monday, but with my irregular cycle I won't hold my breath.

Look forward to hearing from you lovely ladies.
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Re: Day13po and still BFN

Postby azalea581 » Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:45 am

It is still really early.
You're not out until AF shows :).
I hope this is your month!!!
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Re: Day13po and still BFN

Postby RoloCat » Sat Jun 11, 2016 10:24 am

Have you continued to take opks? Since you mention irregular periods, it's likely that you have longer cycles. Your LP (time between O and AF) will remain consistent no matter how long your cycle. A typical LP is 12-15d, so if you typically have 50-60d cycles (every other month), you probably won't actually O until much later in your cycle (somewhere CD35-45). A lot of women with longer cycles detect multiple LH surges (+opks) throughout their cycle. Your body gears up to ovulate, but then it doesn't happen, so your body will tyr again later. I"d keep testing and inseminate every time you see a +opk just to be on the safe side. I"d also recommend that you start charting, including BBT, in order to figure out when you ovulate in order to better pinpoint when your fertile window is.

That said, if this will be a shorter cycle for you this month, and the positive opk on 5/29 did signal ovulation, you likely didn't O until 5/30 or 5/31 as opks are typically positive 24-28hr prior to ovulation. In this scenario, you likely aren't as many dpo as you think. I'd give it until 6/16 to rule anything out, but if negative at that point, you probably missed it this month or haven't actually ovulated yet.

I'll restate: keep testing with opks (maybe every other day or so with some internet cheapies). With the longer cycle it wouldn't surprise me if you register another (or a few more) positives, and that you won't actually ovulate until close to the end of June. Since you mention longer cycles, it might not be too late to start charting your BBT either. FOr a good, reliable charting app that will give you some basics about charting, check out

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