Help me I am totally confused

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Help me I am totally confused

Postby Kriya » Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:39 pm

Before 2 days of my expected I started spotting in brown very little,after one day changed to red but also only spotting,3 Rd day spotting stopped.4 and 5 the day again red heavy bleeding
Today (14 dpo)now bleeding again I experiencing light pinkish discharge.also i have Lowe back pains ,lower abdominal spasms,breast tingling,bloating on and off.but not at all the time.actuall on my regular period wil not have breast tingling, well i wil have constant pain on lower back,lower abdominal pain constantly lasts up to 2's never been on and off all these feelings are I am very confused.whethr prggo or LMP IS ON JUNE 07.I have 25 to 30 day cycle.any one have same feeling or any advise.i took pregnancy test strip one from Wondfo pregnancy strips,its bfn.t his is TTC I have 2 year old daughter
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