BFP after IUD?

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BFP after IUD?

Postby TryingForBaby2016 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:06 am

Hopefully one of you ladies has some insight...

I had my Mirena in for almost a year before having it removed July 1. Assuming that was the start of my "cycle" for the month. I figured O would occur around the 14-15th. I did OPK sticks 2-3 times a day starting CD11 through CD17 and got what looks like lines on CD15 (exactly 2 weeks post removal). They aren't as dark as the control line, but compared to the other days it's more positive.

We BDed every other day starting around CD11 including the evening of the lines on CD15 and again CD17. Any thoughts as to whether or not I actually Oed? My CM got to "watery" but not EW, that I've been able to tell. Would love any thoughts or experiences one way or another. If my + was CD15 (July 15th) that would put me at 3 DPO, right?
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Re: BFP after IUD?

Postby wakasa_78 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:15 am


I got pregnant on the fourth cycle after the Mirena I had for several years got removed. My cycles had been very regular beforehand, but went all over the place after the IUD. So, it can be done. :)

I never got the EWCM, only watery but that is also considered fertile.

As for the OPKs, they're only positive if the test line is as dark as or darker than the control line. I POASed for as long as the test line got back to lighter or nonexistent and started BDing every day when I saw a darkening test line on the sticks. I also tested at least twice per day because I'm a little bit on the older side and my LH surges were short.

Also, you normally O within 12 to 24 or even 48 hours after a surge (a positive OPK), so you're probably 2 or 3 DPO at the moment. Or it may be that you didn't O at all if you didn't get a blazing positive on the sticks. It sometimes happens.

It's also very helpful to keep track of your cycle with the help of a basal body thermometer if you can wake up at roughly the same time each morning and write down your temperature. Your temperature shoots up right after O, so charting your temps with a fertility app can improve your chances.

Of course you don't have to do anything else except BD every other day until AF or a positive pregnancy test, but I took it as a project last summer and went all crazy. :) My son is now 9 weeks old.

Good luck with everything!
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