15DPO - Bleeding bright red for 36 hours straight now...

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15DPO - Bleeding bright red for 36 hours straight now...

Postby coralskies » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:48 am

Hey there! I am brand new. I just joined to get some opinions because I feel very lost and confused. This is my husband and my first month TTC. Around 3DPO I had some cramping that night. From 6DPO to 11DPO, I had very faint BFP'S, 11DPO being the darkest, but still light. At 13DPO (2 days ago) I started cramping and started bleeding bright red blood in the evening. It alarmed me because I wasn't supposed to start my period for another 2 days. It hasn't stopped since then. There have been 5-6 clumps involved since it started, just small ones. But the blood hasn't gotten darker. And my cramping lasted for over 24 hours straight. I also have a rH negative blood type. My question is- is it at all possible that this is implantation bleeding? Or is this WAY too heavy and I should just accept that I am no longer pregnant? Did anyone experience this and go on to have a healthy pregnancy?
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Re: 15DPO - Bleeding bright red for 36 hours straight now...

Postby carrotk » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:07 pm

I would think that's probably too heavy to be considered implantation bleeding, however my good friend had what she thought was a regular period and it turned out she was pregnant and the baby was fine. So nothing is final until you to a doctor and have your hcg checked.
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