Can someone help

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Can someone help

Postby Ecbd17 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:10 pm

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I haven't been trying to conceive, but my fiancé and I did have unprotected sex more than once around the time I was ovulating. I know my questions/concerned could be answered with a blood test and a doctor visit, but I recently lost health insurance after being laid off and my new insurance won't be active until 9/1. So I'm hoping someone here might have experienced something similar or have some advice.

Basically, I have an extremely regular 28 day cycle. I'm never early or late for my period, and I'm usually aware of when I ovulate. Several days after having unprotected sex around ovulation, I began having what I'd normally attribute to PMS symptoms: mild cramping (usually occurs only the night before my period starts), tingling/swollen breasts (again usually a day or two prior, although usually not a symptom for me), lower backache and headaches. I realized my period wasn't due for a week and became concerned, but then five days prior to when id normally start (this past Wednesday 8/3), I had a light period that lasted for two days (normally they are very heavy and last 5-6, and this time I bled for two days but way lighter than I'm used to followed by a day of light spotting that didn't require a tampon). My PMS symptoms always go away the day I start, but my breasts are still swollen and occasionally I'll have the tingling sensation, and I'm still having very mild cramps very low in my abdomen. If on schedule as it always is, my period would begin tomorrow. I took a cheap EPT this afternoon and it was negative, but I'm concerned about the "symptoms" I am having. Particularly after a friend of mind suggested I might have been having implantation bleeding? I'm wondering if I tested too early or if maybe there is something more serious going on.

I apologize if I am asking in the wrong place but has anyone experienced anything similar?
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Re: Can someone help

Postby Stefanielyn » Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:29 pm

I'm having something similar I bled 2 days lightly stopped altogether then spotted a day. I haven't tested because I hate seeing negative. Sorry I can't help but keep us updated?
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