Any Success Stories with 0% Morphology Semen Analysis?

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Any Success Stories with 0% Morphology Semen Analysis?

Postby MelinaMari » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:49 pm

Hi All! I'm new here and this is my first post.

A little background.. I am 38 yrs old and DH is 33. We just finished out 7th cycle of TTC. We got the ball rolling on some basic Tests and Yesterday my DH and I got the results of his SA back and he has 0% Morphology. This was a heavy one to take in.

All other numbers are okay though:

Volume: 3.7ml
Sperm Count: 62 million
Motility: 31% (slightly below the norm of 40% but the Dr. still considered it "good"
Viability: 57%

Of course I've been on a googling rampage and I've seen so much conflicting information. My question is if anyone has anyone has a success story with their DH having a 0% Morph result.

Thank you in advance for any feedback
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Re: Any Success Stories with 0% Morphology Semen Analysis?

Postby magicabula » Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:46 pm

I don't know the answer to your question but will be following closely as DH has 1% morphology.
We are e only on cycle 2 of TTC but I'm fully aware of how this factor can have an impact.
Hope we get some nice success stories on this thread!
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Re: Any Success Stories with 0% Morphology Semen Analysis?

Postby Leilani1984 » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:04 pm

Hey ladies! We too are dealing with MFI. I'm so sorry for your struggles as well. We have been ttc 4 years. I did get pregnant last October but mc'd. We had a SA done about 2 years before that and we just got his count, it was below 20 million. After mc, we have yet to get pregnant but are hopeful it will happen. I've never heard of a woman getting pregnant with 0 morphology, but I have heard and seen morphology go up. My dh's 2nd SA showed 2% morphology. He started fertilaid, countboost, and motility boost. A month later he had a repeat SA. His morphology went up to 8%! My DH has low testosterone and was put on clomid 25mg a day, on top of continuing the fertilaid.
Definitely get your dh's on supplements, and get their testosterone checked. It could be something so simple like a pill, that is hindering your BFP. I wish we would have been proactive years ago! We aren't sure what his count is now, but in 2 months he will have another SA to check how the clomid is working. I'm praying for you ladies and hope you get your bfp's soon! I wish the problem was me, so I could do whatever I needed. Getting DH to take pills is like pulling teeth, but he does it!MFI is such a struggle and I really feel for you ladies. Baby dust to you!!!
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