10 dpo symptoms

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10 dpo symptoms

Postby Baymadsus » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:47 pm

Hi everyone.

Just looking for some thoughts, opinions and support.

I am 10 dpo and have had some new symptoms this cycle.

I usually have very sensitive nipples immediately following ovulation, but nothing this month. They are slightly sensitive to the touch now.

Yesterday I started feeling pressure/faint pains in my lower abdomin. They were worse today...it was uncomfortable to sit and almost felt like something was going to burst. The pain subsided by the end of the day and now I only feel discomfort if I press on my lower left side.

And finally, while going to the bathroom, I discovered a large (about an inch wide) glob of thick, white cm. It had a snotty texture. I have never had anything like that before.

Any thoughts? Just looking for some support while I endure yet another tww.

Thanks so much. :)
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