I'm going crazy here!

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I'm going crazy here!

Postby DaniwAntsanother » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:43 pm

hello all so a little about me I'm 27 ttc for 6 months. Got off depo a year ago. Started having a normal cycle 6 months ago. Last month I think I had a chemical pregnancy but I'm not sure i spotted for about a week after my normal period which has never happened! So I figured I wouldn't be ovulating that month. Had sex the day after I was supposed to ovulate, according to my app, not as attempt to conceive just a coincidence actually. So ff 6 days later I get 'period' 8 days before it was due but it was light bleed for a day red tho and then brown spotting for two definitely none of this normal for me my cycles are like clockwork. My period is due today if that wasn't my period feeling cramps, backache boobs are little sore but nothing crazy feel like aunt flow is coming but nothing yet cd30 and bfn any experiences similar or maybe something other than pregnancy. Also I have a cold lol
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Re: I'm going crazy here!

Postby Nick02 » Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:08 pm

I thought I was getting my period and had light bleeding/spitting for 5 days and then it stopped. I had been getting bfn the whole time also. Then when I never got my full flow I tested again and it was positive. Unfortunately that ended up to be an ectopic pregnancy. The second time I got pregnant I got an early bfp. Anything is possible.... I wouldn't trust an app to tell you when you ovulate though. They can be off depending on cycle length and when you ovulate. I found ovulation tests to be extremely helpful. Some women like temping but my schedule wasn't regular enough for it. I hope you get the results you want. Good luck!
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