IB or period?

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IB or period?

Postby JAEL716415131 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:37 am

Ok, so, I know I ovulated somewhere between the 12th and 16th of this month. My husband & I were intimate twice during that time. Once on the 11th, next day I had the EWCM. Second time we were together a few days later, when I thought the EWCM was heavier. Since then I've been tracking my symptoms, so far I've had sore breasts, mild cramping, bloating, headaches, horrible mood swings & a slight bit of nausea, just to name a few. This past weekend I'm pretty sure I slept almost the whole time. 16 hours a night, and still woke up extremely tired, enough to take a 3-4 hour nap & then still go to sleep around 7pm and again sleep 16 hours. Still tired, though. Yesterday morning I had light pink spotting mixed with CM, happened once and then stopped all day. This morning I woke up to reddish & brown blood, not a lot, though. About the size of a silver dollar on the toilet paper. I'm due for AF tomorrow, so I figured this is it & used a tampon. Just now I pulled it out & there was a tiny, tiny bit of bright red but mostly dark brown on it. I wiped & there was nothing more on the toilet paper. That was an hour ago & still nothing else. I read that IB can come about 14 days after ovulation, which was yesterday. But I don't know if I definitely ovulated on the 12th, as I said above, it could've been anywhere between the 12th & 16th. Since those days, though, I've had small amounts of CM. My periods aren't regular at all, I was on the depo shot for a huge part of 11 years. I went off it in 2010 & conceived my son that year. I haven't had a shot since January of this year, so my periods are a bit off. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests within the last few days or so, and they're all very clearly negative. What does this sound like? Late ovulation, maybe? I'm very confused by all this. A normal period starts out bright red & gets heavier, right? Honestly, I haven't had a real period in over 10 years. Even when I went off it in 2010 I didn't have a regular period. Any opinions would be appreciated. My husband & I have been TTC since September. Thanks for reading!
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Re: IB or period?

Postby BeeCee33 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:53 am

If you are due for AF, it is most likely AF. Even if it was implantation bleeding, you likely would not be having other pregnancy symptoms before that, as HCG is only produced after the egg has implanted. That fatigue is intriguing though, as I'm guessing it's unusual for you to sleep that much. If that is a symptom of pregnancy for you, then this could be breakthrough bleeding, which does happen for some people around the time AF is due that first month. Unfortunately all you can do is wait some more and see if you get a positive test or if AF shows up full force!

Side note: implantation bleeding could be seen around 14 dpo if the egg implanted on its last possible day of 12dpo (that's as long as a fertilized egg can live) but if the blood was lingering for a couple of days before you saw it, it would likely be all brown, not fresh red like new blood.
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