Any first round Clomid BFP's?!?!

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Any first round Clomid BFP's?!?!

Postby NSP214 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:01 pm

Hey ladies!! Need some buddies to wait with!!! A little about me: I'm 35 and Df is 33 (both of our bdays is coming up...scary) I'm ttc #1 and this will be #2 for him as he has an 11 year old daughter. I got pregnant once when I was 18...I have an aunt whose always been extremely jealous of me and sadly she started a physical fight with me which resulted in me having a stillborn at 6 months. I've been devastated every forward to almost 5 years ago and I met the love of my life!! We've been ttc since 6 months into our relationship (I know, that's fast but we both wanted it) and nothing!! I started seeing an ob in 2014 because of my concerns and after multiple tests was told I'm fine and to keep of course I found a new doctor...I mean how could I be fine if I only get 3-4 periods yearly??? So new doctor, new attitude and I found out that thankfully DF swimmers are perfect but I had a prolactinoma ( tumor in the pituitary area that releases the hormone prolactin in your body which tells the body not to ovulate) and have recently been told that I have a mild case of PCOS. So the prolactin has been under control for six months straight which also restored my cycles to around 32-34 days. I started my first round of Clomid on Jan 2nd and OPK's and Bbt about 4 days ago(first time for both ever) and now I'm just waiting to O...I'm not even sure if I do O but I'm so ready to find out!!! Anybody want to join me??? Feel free to tell your story!!!
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