7dpo symptoms or crazy?

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7dpo symptoms or crazy?

Postby Mdurham2512 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:16 pm

Hello everyone! I am new to this board but I've been reading on it for the last few days and figured I'd take the plunge and join you wonderful ladies and I couldn't be more excited!!
So a little back story for you, I have had 4 pregnancies with 2 live births. MC 2012, Daughter 2013, Daughter 2014, MC Feb 2016.
So me and my SO are trying for our 3rd and finally little one (he wants a boy ;)) anyways, this is our 1st cycle actually trying but the cycle before this one we weren't preventing. So here I am, in the two week wait and driving myself crazy!! I'm going to break down the days for you guys...FYI my cycles are 32 days give or take a day.
Dec 28th CD1- AF lasted 4 days
Jan 6th- Started OPK testing
Jan 12th- Ovulated
(BD'd the 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th)
So here is my symptom break down
1dpo-face broke out, cramping lots of cm (usual right after o)
2dpo-again cramping and cm
3dpo-felt tired all day, cramping/twinges, and bloating
4dpo-Again tired all day, cramping slowing down but still feeling twinges, back ache for a couple hours then subsided(without meds) and just kind of lingered, also pretty snappy, headache lingering
5dpo-really starting to feel "off" at this point, tiredness has turned into exhaustion, tiny little cramps here and there along with twinges, Moody again today, bloating that gets worse as night time comes around, headache again, boobs feel full but do not hurt, lightheaded a few times
6dpo-Exhausted again today, continued bloating, twinges, another lingering headache, bloating, lightheaded again, moody again, constipated :( but then it hit me like a ton of bricks, 7pm came and just sitting there watching tv then BAM! nausea!! Felt at any minute I was going to throw up, so I laid in bed hoping it would go away but it didn't go away until 10pm, In that time My face started feeling really warm my first thought was omg I'm getting the flu, checked temp was perfect! Went to sleep...thinking it was all over and I'd wake up with the flu...
7dpo-woke up (very slowly) and felt like nothing had happened that night, nausea was gone, and hotness in my face was gone, but again woke up with a headache, and generally feeling "off", constipated, lightheaded again, still feel very full "bloated" , this morning while taking my girls to school I had a complete crying meltdown because I forgot diapers for my youngest something so simple as I love two mins from their school lol went on to work and my lord was I a total B at work :( aggravated everytime someone came in :( (never ever like that) so around 5p got a huge wave of nausea again but it went away after about 20 mins, it's now 930p again still have a headache, my face is feeling warm again, along with every other symptom I've had.

With all of that being said, I have that "I just know" feeling, but also second guessing myself until BFP. With my last pregnancy (MC at 16 wks with baby boy) I felt the exact same way super early (flu like symptoms, af like cramping making me check every two mins etc) I knew right away and told my mom I was pregnant way before I tested :) with my youngest daughter I didn't have all crazy symptoms I have now just cramping and fatigue (ms came later in full force) I just "knew" with her too, told everyone before I even got a positive, no one believed me lol, proved them very wrong :) my oldest I wasn't expecting it so I don't know if I felt anything with her until full force ms came in at 6 weeks.

So has anyone else felt this way before getting your BFP Am I crazy?!?
Who else is around 7dpo? What's your symptoms?
Thank you lovely ladies!!! :)
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Re: 7dpo symptoms or crazy?

Postby Kandl724 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:35 pm

Hi, I think it's possible to have symptoms before getting a BFP with some pregnancies they seem more obvious than others. With my first I didn't know until I took an HPT it was a great surprise. With my 3rd I knew before I tested I was having strong sensitivity to smells & having to pee a ton. Your symptoms sound promising at least! Best wishes to you, hope you get a BFP & a boy! Keep us posted would love to hear how it turns out!
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Re: 7dpo symptoms or crazy?

Postby Melissa84 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:31 pm

Hi there! I'm in the same boat you are 6 dpo and symptoms like crazy! Did you end up getting a positive???
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