Has anyone had IB like this?

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Has anyone had IB like this?

Postby theresajhayes » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:19 pm

At 5dpo I had a very tiny amount of pink on the toilet tissue, and now it is 9dpo and had a small amount of red in the toilet and when I wiped, and now it is completely gone. AF isn't due for another week, but I typically spot one time a few days before AF starts. Is this too early to be AF? I've been tracking ovulation and it was right on time, so I don't see why I would get my AF so early. If it is my AF, what did I get at 5dpo? Has anyone had implantation bleeding several days apart?

Thank you for any help, I have searched and searched to find if someone else had the same thing.
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