4 days post 3-day FET + prometrium side effects?

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4 days post 3-day FET + prometrium side effects?

Postby hopeful77 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:08 am

Hi all,

First time poster, but I've been reading these boards throughout the 3 years we've been trying. Always helps to know that other people are going through what I'm going through, which is why I'm here today. We just did our second IVF 3-day FET on 2/16 - and it was "advanced", top quality and "more like a 4-day" according to my doc. "You should get pregnant!", she said. This is our last chance; my eggs are tapped out. After full IVF, we got this one fertilized embryo.

I've been on 400mg of Prometrium / day since the retrieval, taken vaginally. I've been on this numerous times before at a lower dose, but this time starting yesterday (3 days past transfer) I've felt steady, low-pain but persistent cramps, the low abdominal kind that feel like my cervix is low and my period is imminent. My cervix feels hard, and tight, but I can never tell if it's high or low by physically checking. There's that familiar damp feeling too - though that could be from the Prometrium pessaries.

I'm also feeling fatigued, achy, cranky, tinny mouth, lower back pain, breasts are sore - all the usual common symptoms that could be pregnancy, period, or Prometrium. It's driving me CRAZY. I'm so skeptical that anything good will come of this, and afraid to face the truth that it's over if this doesn't work out.

My main question is, I have been obsessively trying to find BFP descriptions of what your pre-BFP cramps may have felt like to ease my mind. Does any of this sound like what you experienced, on or off Prometrium? Also, I know (from past experience) I probably won't get my period while I'm on Prometrium, but could my cervix drop while I'm on it anyway? Is 4 DPT (7DPO) too soon to feel anything if this is real? My period usually starts on Day 25 but sometimes earlier, and today is Day 22 of my cycle. Please help!
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Re: 4 days post 3-day FET + prometrium side effects?

Postby Momma-of4 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:22 pm

I hope you get your bfp!! I'm 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and I started having light cramping around 6 dpo. There was off and on cramping and decided to test 8 dpo morning negative but early afternoon that day I got a faint positive. Much more noticeable on 9 dpo. I can't speak for the prometrium and how it would make you feel but I was using a natural progesterone cream. I normally only cramp the day af starts and maybe a twinge here and there beforehand. These definitely felt like af cramps but they would come and go. Please keep us updated.
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