Pregnant or No?

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Pregnant or No?

Postby mrs_ttc » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:30 am

Hi everyone ! I'm new here ! My husband and I have been ttc for a while. I'm currently on metformin (1700 mg a day) , since September 2016. I got off of BC in October 2014 and my periods were irregular until October 2016. My diagnosis is that I basically do not ovulate . My tubes are not blocked (had HSG done in January) and I do not have PCOS. I have had a period every month since then (28 days -like clockwork). My last period was February 17th . I had a progesterone test done on March 9th and it came back low , so no ovulation . This month my Dr. decided to put my on clomid , along with the metformin that I'm taking . Well what do you know-I end up not starting my period this month ..the month that I'm supposed to start clomid ! It's currently 4 days late . I've been having PMS symptoms since last week (nausea, sore boobs, hurting in my back). I did notice 2 things -1. I usually break out around my chin area , around the time of my period and I didn't this time . 2. I had some weird cramping last week -I was driving home from work and felt really crampy all of a sudden in my lower stomach . It went away a few minutes later . The day that my period was due (4 days ago). I decided to take a pregnancy test for a peace of mind. It was negative. Yesterday morning I took a pregnancy test and I was about to throw it away when I noticed a line. It was sort of greyish , but there was definitely a line . Out of all of these tests in my box , I've never had one that's had a line . Around 12:30 pm I took an offbrand of first response and it looked liked there was a line. I got home from work and looked at the test from that morning with the line and there was nothing there (but mind you , 11 hours had passed by that time ). I took 2 more tests last night and 1 this morning and they were all negative . My question is could I still be pregnant by some miracle ? Maybe I ovulated late? I've been super tired , sore boobs , lower back pain , felt some pinching and poking , nausea (especially upon waking up), craving lemony things like it's going out of style and overall I do not feel well. I'm sort of feeling like it's all in my head , because I want this badly . I honestly don't know what to think anymore . Anyone ever had this happen ? Am I testing too early . What's really throwing me off is the fact that I'm having PMS symptoms since last week-maybe my period is still coming . Please help- I don't know how to add pics says that the files are too large .
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Re: Pregnant or No?

Postby 860lindsey » Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:01 am

Hi know you said you tested with an off brand of first response but I would go out and purchase an actual First Response Early Response. I'm my opinion they are the most accurate at detecting early pregnancy. With my second pregnancy I didn't get positives on two other brands until I was a few days past my period but the FRER was positive days before. I really trust them.
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