Late O Club? 30 day cycles?

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Late O Club? 30 day cycles?

Postby Littlelexy » Fri May 05, 2017 6:32 pm

Where are y'all?! I have 30 day cycles and now that this is the month we are trying I am getting so impatient. I'm on cycle day 18 and for the past 4 days have had AF type cramps off and on, but of course not as strong. Isn't that ovulation cramps?! But where is my EWCM? I check my cervix and it's high hard to reach and almost closed. The CM is white pasty and kinda cloudy? On my panties when it dries it's flaky. There is a lot in my panties. I'm getting discouraged!!!! We have BD everyday since I got off my period... maybe I ovulate late?
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