Anybody get a bfp with rare cycles?

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Anybody get a bfp with rare cycles?

Postby DiedreK » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:26 pm

I get maybe two periods a year. Unexplained. Have had all ththe test done, no PCOS, ovaries look remarkable. Same with uterus and lining so no endo there. Hormones are ok .. just no answer really. My mom does have endo and had three kids with no periods. My sister who is 29 never gets her period either and has 3 kids as well. She didn't know with her first until four months along because she didn't know any better! I am 27 but for the last two weeks my boobs have been so sore and have swollen a cup size which is super noticeable since I'm a small B! Hubby and I have never used protection because we know the chances are slim without help. When we are really dying for a baby we will begin to seek out that help, unless it happens naturally then we'd be thrilled! =D Along with the BB's I've had mild cramping and mostly on my left side of my uterus and also around my left ovary. Today I had what seemed like serious AF cramps for the first time I thought it was coming. But since I rarely have the witch I know what my symptoms are. Sore BB's usually start 3 days before and then disappear the second AF shows up. Also I NEVER pre cramp .. I usually just start cramping terrible .. because I get them like twice a year it's almost 6 months of AF cramps and they are terrible to where I have to take off work for the first two days! So the AF alike cramps off and on for about 20 mins today is WEIRD to say the least! Along with the mild cramps and sore and swollen boobs for almost two weeks! I did take TWO tests .. both BFN. Anybody ever have a situation like mine and it did turn out to be BFP later on? With the symptoms I'm having I would have already started AF .. or I'd be continuously cramping and in bed with a heating pad and a tampon in hand knowing I'd be using it in the next two hours! Sorry, I am new here as well so please bare with this post if it's a nightmare :(
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