TTC and having DPO symptoms..I THINK?!

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TTC and having DPO symptoms..I THINK?!

Postby ScarlettsMom.TTC » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:43 am

Hello! TIA for your help! DH and I have been TTC for about 3 months now. This month, unless I am crazy and just creating them in my head, I am having pretty strong symptoms starting at 1DPO. I have an 18 month old beautiful daughter that was a small surprise and I didn't notice any symptoms until 3 days past missed AF. I am now 8DPO and would appreciate any input on the symptoms that I am have so that I feel a little more sane! The TWW is taking foreverrrr!!! Thank you!

1DPO--cramps like AF but more mild, woke up with a semi-severe stiff neck (thought maybe I just slept on it wrong but have read other possibilities...?), normal creamy CM
2DPO--stiff neck, more creamy CM, 3 large acne spots that don't normally happen until right before AF
3DPO--stiff neck getting better, same ance, CM drying up
4DPO--stiff neck gone, same acne, CM gone
5DPO--I was making brunch and got the shakes before eating. It almost felt as if my blood sugar was low but I am not diabetic., felt hungry, no CM, after large dinner felt flutters in abdomen similar to baby kicks (strange feeling), felt dizzy a few times, acne not going away
6DPO--acne starting to go away, dizzy spells, tired early afternoon but nothing too severe, more flutters
7DPO--noticed my nipples were very sensitive to the touch, pulling/tugging feeling in stomach, more flutters (especially after eating), sexual desire increased, bloating, yellow-ish CM when wiping, wet feeling down below, dizzy spells, acne almost gone
8DPO--very early morning AF cramps that woke me up but not terribly painful (lasted an hour or two), yellow-ish creamy CM, sore nipples to touch, couldn't resist and took $tore test--BFN

I know it is still early but I just can't help to think that I am pregnant. Any ideas? TIA!
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