10dpo +opk, vvvf +hpt, +opk, -hpt, +opk.

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10dpo +opk, vvvf +hpt, +opk, -hpt, +opk.

Postby Hillxo_ » Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:12 am

I need some help or maybe a similar experience.

A bit of background first, I have been on the nextplanon bc since January 2016 after having my now 18month old son December 2015. I have not had a period since March 2015 when I had my last cycle before getting my bfp. I am currently still breastfeeding and had my nextplanon removed June 6th to start ttc #3. Using opks and tracking cm, to my surprise, I ovulated a week later on the 12th (I had all my normal O signs/pains) before having my first period.

I tested on 7dpo (I know wicked early, but I just wanted to get it out of my system). I originally tested with an opk and was surpised to see a blazing + right away, so with the same urine sample, I decided to try an hcg (both wondfo brand). I got the faintest +, but it was definitely there. I'm almost certain it wasn't an evap (it showed up before 2minutes and had a very very light pink color to it).

The next day at 8dpo I tested with both again (fmu) and again got a +opk, but this time a clear -hcg. I tested twice more with both at 1pm and right before bed at 8pm. Still, a +opk and a -hcg.

Again at 9dpo I tested again with fmu and again when I got home from work at 4pm, I got a +opk and -hcg. I've had crampy/achy feelings since 6dpo that haven't gone away, feeling as if I'm going to get af soon.

And now I'm currently 10dpo and stillllll have a positive opk! Idk what's going on!

Usually when I get my LH surge, the control line gets significantly lighter the next day and on O day I always have cramping on whatever side it is I'm ovulating from and (tmi) usually have a lot of creamy cm. I don't have any of my usual signs of ovulating again.

Since I haven't had a period in over 2 years, I'm not sure when I will be expecting af to come.
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