6-7 dpo, lotion like CM

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6-7 dpo, lotion like CM

Postby pinkelephantphunk11 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:02 pm

I had my period June 2. My fertile period was between June 11-17. We BDed three times total that time. I did not measure BMT, did not use OPK, and did not have EWCM (just damp) however my mood was very energized and I think I felt ovulation occur on Friday evening since I felt mittelschmerz (and always have). Just going by my body reading and a calendar method.

Monday I had very faint brown in my CM and was extremely fatigued that day, but the next day (yesterday) felt very energized. Now I am not as fatigued but feel a bit tired and faint. Since yesterday my CM has been very lotiony. I estimate I'm about 6-7 DPO. Cervix is high and very soft. BMT is 97.9, last time I recorded was June 19 and it was 98.0. I anticipate AF around July 4 so obviously can't test yet....
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