43 and going to start trying

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43 and going to start trying

Postby Rmat » Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:24 am

I'm 43 and we have decided to give it one last go. I have a 2 1/2 year old who was a very big surprise. I also have a soon to be 26 year old. So a little about my cycle this past month (it's goofy). My periods are like clockwork. My cycles run 27-29 days, very predictabl. This month: last period was 7/4. On 7/19 I started spotting until 7/24, never enough to fill a pantyliner, 2 of those days were a little heavy, but nothing major. Spotting stopped in the afternoon on 7/24 then on 7/25 had very little then nothing. On 7/26 I had an orgasm (sorry tmi) no penetration and I bled after (not normal for me). Nothing since. Now all this got me thinking maybe I'm preggers! Of course we all know once that's in your head you start feeling symptoms, which may or may not be there. So I have had symptoms. 3 tests and all of them bfn. Af due today and bfn today. I guess there's still a chance, but I would think I would have a bfp considering timing of everything. Makes me realize that this could be my last chance to start trying. I'm looking for any advice on helping my body out. We are only giving ourselves til the end of the year, not a lot of time so I want to do anything I can to help my body out. Tia!!
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Re: 43 and going to start trying

Postby chiapets » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:14 am

Hi I'm not sure how you're doing on this. I hope you will not need my info!! I have a 13 month old born when I was 41 after trying for 10 months (conceived naturally). In September this year, I changed my diet and pretty much stopped eating meat and dairy. Was not trying to conceive. Then got a surprise bfp. I think it may have been my diet change (I did a bit of research and it seems there is a link between diet and fertility but who knows there's research to support anything it seems!)(it seemed to say acidity from meat kills sperm or something like that!) or who knows just a fluke but I thought I would pass it along. I am 42 will be 43 in January. I was also still breastfeeding, back to work, exhausted with 2 older kids so you would not think these would be a conducive environment to conceiving which is why I think diet may have been part of it. All the best!
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