Early Pregnancy Symptom? Moodiness?

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Early Pregnancy Symptom? Moodiness?

Postby mermaid.hair » Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:44 am

Any of y'all ladies ever had moodiness as an early pregnancy symptom? I am typically not a grouch but the last couple days I've been hella moody for no apparent reason. :rofl: I didn't know what to blame that on. It is not a typical PMS symptom for me. Even my husband was like "are you okay? you've been a grouch for two days..." :oops:

Then today at work I was listening to a random pandora station and our first dance song came on and I started crying at my desk because I was like "WHY AM I SO MEAN!?" :roll: Lord jesus, these hormones....
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Re: Early Pregnancy Symptom? Moodiness?

Postby madona2017 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:28 pm

Progesterone is secreted by the corpus luteum (CL), that is what is left of the follicle after it releases the egg. So egg takes off, the CL starts shooting out progesterone, which is what causes the elevated temps, sore boobies, etc. Your CL only lives for a certain number of days, on average 14. Once it dies off, the progesterone levels drop and you get your period. If you get pg, the HCG level tells your CL to stick around, don't die off just yet, b/c you need to keep making progesterone until the placenta takes over.Your luteal phase is the time from when you ovulate until your period starts. If that is less than 10-12 days, then it could be part of your problem. Judging progesterone by breast tenderness alone isn't reliable in the very least. Some months mine hurt the day after I ovulate and hurt the full 15 days, others it doesn't start until just a few days before AF. I don't know how this correlates to progesterone levels, or if it has any bearing at all. I think part of your 'symptoms' also depend upon hormonal balance i.e. progesterone AND estrogen, and how their ratios are. I'm not sure on that.If you are ovulating a week before AF, then that's a problem. If your boobs start hurting a week before AF, but you actually ovulated a week earlier, then you're average. I totally agree about the breast tenderness thing. Mine didn't hurt this time as much as they usually do when I am not on Clomid and I know I produced a lot more progesterone than usual just due to the drugs.I would say that, if you don't want to go to the doctor to make sure you're ovulating, OPKs will be your best friend. Click here to enlarge I think the deal is that, when the kit changes, you want to have sex, what, then, and then again 24 hours later? Some people (me) get a kind of graded result on the OPKs, where it just gets darker and darker and THEN turns, and some people just get + or -. Lotus Clinic in Ukraine conducts all these tests at a very reasonable price. So consider visiting there it will surely help your cause.
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