Possible miscarriage or dates off?

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Possible miscarriage or dates off?

Postby daniyella8403 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:27 pm

Last weekend, i felt off so i took a pregnancy test on Saturday 2/24. It was negative, which didn't surprise me because I'm on birth control and have never missed a pill in 3 years. Only reason I tested is because my period was late and I've never been late in 20 years. It's like a clock. I have, however, been under a lot of stress and had recently lost weight so thought that could be it.

The next day i feel....strange, and it keeps happening. Getting dizzy, wanting food i dislike, headaches and cramping. Thought it was super pms, but no period. My boyfriend is convinced I'm pregnant at this point and i take a test on the morning of 3/1 just to appease him. It was positive. So were the next 5 i took, because i was convinced the first was wrong. Called my doc and they said based on my lmp on jan 20, i was right around 6 weeks and set me up for an appt on the 14th.

Ok....so a surprise birth control baby. We were in shock but that turned to excitement. It's both of our firsts and I'd almost given up on the idea of ever having kids since i am 33. I ttc with my ex husband for 3 years with no luck.

Then Sunday night i had spotting after sex. Not a lot and it stopped quickly. Everything i read said that was normal, so even though i was worried, i tried to stay calm.
Monday morning, i wake up to morning sickness but feel fine. Make the drive to my house and go into work. Couple hours after sitting at my desk i take a break and head to the bathroom, where im met with bright red blood only when i wipe. Put on a liner and start googling. This goes on till i leave; blood only when i wipe and nothing on the liner at all. Now...I'm getting worried and my sister has has multiple tubal pregnancies that all presented like this, so i head to the er.

The cervix exam goes smoothly; it's high and closed, and while she does see blood she doesn't see an active bleed. Since based on my lmp I'm 6 weeks she sends me to get an ultrasound.

The u/s doesn't show anything. No sac....no yolk...and blood work shows my hcg levels are at a 52.9. Essentially, the er tells me that either I'm not as far along as we thought, since the levels and scan indicate 3-4 ish weeks, or i am miscarrying; we will need to check levels in 2 days to know. I'm numb and scared, and already upset about what could possibly be happening.

My question is....could the time line be off and maybe i really am 3-4 weeks, or is that wishful thinking? I've had cramping but nothing unusual or strong, just very mild. Still bleeding bright red blood, but only when i wipe. It looks like a lot on the tp, but hasnt even left a mark on a panty liner.
Since I was on the pill I'm wondering if that could cause the dates to be off....

Honestly, I'm just grasping at straws because I'm not ready to give up on this.
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Re: Possible miscarriage or dates off?

Postby Dini » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:12 pm

Hi Daniyella, this sounds like a very distressing situation to be in. I haven't had a similar situation, so can't speak from experience.
Were you on the combined pill or the mini pill. When you're on the mini pill you can still have your regular periods and can ovulate like normal, so less likely dates were off, although not impossible. Whereas on the combined pill the "period" you have isn't a true period, so it's a lot more likely that the dates were off. Either way, it could very well be that the dates were off, I hope everything is ok for you - keep us updated on how you're doing.
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Re: Possible miscarriage or dates off?

Postby RoloCat » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:00 pm

If bleeding doesn't stop and tests stay positive, you might want to be checked for an ectopic...
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