Messy cycle while ttc. Anyone had this happen?

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Messy cycle while ttc. Anyone had this happen?

Postby VampoDrama » Wed May 02, 2018 12:20 am

Hey. I am so confused atm. April was our first month trying to get pregnant. I didn’t track my cycles before. I know my cycle in Feb was 28 days, didn’t look for ovulation signs then so I don’t know when I ovulated then. In march my cycle was 25 days. First day of cycle was 13th. I think ovulation was at a normal time then because the first time without a condom was on the 29th and then I had been dry for a few days already. So now on to my last cycle that concerns me. It started april 7th. Bled 5-6 days, after that I had a few dry days. Then only sticky mucus. I thought I am not getting any ewcm this month as days passed and nothing. It finally arrived on the 25th which is really late. It lasted until 28th (including). There was less than usual. Usually it even hangs out when on the toilet... We dtd all these days and on the 30th. 29th and 30th I felt wet and had a little clear sticky discharge. And then yesterday is when it got even more confusing. Last few days I had lower back aches and felt gassy. And yesterday I got a little pink discharge on toilet paper and next time ewcm with a swirl of blood. Usually when period starts I have red right away so I thought could it be early ib because I had read about people having it as early as 3 days after ovulation. But in the evening it turned to period bleeding. How is this possible? Period right after ovulation? No dry days? Anyone had this happen? I also feel a bit weird. As if I was a bit sick. Yesterday my temp was higher than it normally is. And usually during period I have horrible lower back aches but this time it is bearable but I also have a headache. Usually I only have those during ovulation. Help? What’ s going on...
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Re: Messy cycle while ttc. Anyone had this happen?

Postby JemimaK » Sun May 06, 2018 11:56 pm

Hi Vampo, did you recently stop taking an oral or injectable contraceptive before TTC? That can really shuffle your dates back and forth for a while.
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