TTC: Possible IB, No Af, BFN

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TTC: Possible IB, No Af, BFN

Postby Taekent13 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:31 am

Hello ladies! I am in dire need of some advice. (Sorry this is a long one) AF Background: This is my first cycle ttc since my miscarriage (eptopic) back in March. My periods came back full force on May 11, lasted 3 days. My second one was June 12, lasted 3 days. And my third was July 9, lasted 3 days. My periods come like clock work between 28-31 days. I generally spot very little the day before my period starts and then it comes the next day full blast the first two days then just a little the third day. (My flows have always been extremely HEAVY) What Happened This Month: Okay, so I don't use OPKs or Temp (which I've read can be great indicators or ov/af so i probably should start). I do use a period / ov predicting calender though that i've been using for years (its been accurate for me every time). So i was expecting af to arrive Aug 9. Well Aug 5 CD 28 i started spotting [this very little , i could only see it when i wiped] and this was on and off (pinkish) so i thought for sure af would arrive the next day. Aug 6 CD 29 same thing. (Redish sometimes- mostly pink) Aug 7 CD 30 again, thought af would arrive, nothing but spotting. Put a tampon in, a few hours later - nothing but brown / pink discharge. Put another one in just in case - same thing happened. Tested - BFN Aug 8 CD 31 barely spotting at this point, but woke up to what i thought was a full flow and lo and behold just lots of watery cm and brown discharge. still little brown dyes on the tp when i went to the bathroom. I started having to pee like all the time at this point. But no real signs af is going to show, just REALLY REALLY TIRED. Aug 9 CD 32 still a few spots(pink/brown) when i wipe throughout the morning, but eventually stopped all together, slight cramps (if i wouldnt have just been laying there reading i probably wouldnt have felt them). No sign of af. Aug 10 CD 33 af is now one day late (which i know can be normal) no spotting what so ever, checked cervix - high, soft, closed - creamy white cm. No cramps, no spotting, just sore boobs, bloating, and gassy. Still going ti the bathroom a million times & still extremely tired. Tested- 2 BFNs Aug 11 CD 34 af is now two days late, no sign of the witch thus far. No spotting, no cramps, just sore boobs, and extremely tired. I really feel like i may be pregnant. My periods are never early and never light ! When this happened i pretty much convenced myself i was, because its so unusual for me. But the bfn (esp on the day after my af was due is making me lose hope). Although i didnt get my bfp with my m/c until a week after af was due. Has anyone had anything simular happen to them? Am i just going crazy? Im hoping the what i thought was going to be an early period was actually IB. If it was, how long should i wait to test again? Thanks in advance.
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Re: TTC: Possible IB, No Af, BFN

Postby BeeCee33 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:24 am

Hmm... It does sound like you could be pregnant. HCG should reach the urine a few days after implantation (they say 2-3 days to reach the blood, then 2-3 more to be metabolized into the urine). I'd test every 48 hours of you can hold off that long. Also, if you get a late bfp, call your doc and ask for an ultrasound to check the location of the pregnancy. As you've experienced, late bfp's, or one after AF can indicate an ectopic pregnancy.
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