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Do you think I'll get a BFP or a BFN

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2 days until testing and going CRAZY please rate my symptoms

Mon Aug 06, 2007 3:13 am

Hi Im trying to hold out 2 more days until I test and am having a really hard time Im 12dp today and tested at 7 and 9 dpo and got what I thought was a faint but now Im thinking evaps both times on a FRER 2nd line was super faint and not very pink. anyway I was hoping to have you all rate my sypm to kindof help.... i ont know I guess keep me hopefull for the next couple of days or keep me occupied. Im so back and forth on it that I think some opinions would help alot!!!
Heres my symtoms (some of it is TMI sry :wink: )
1-3dpo nothing really
4dpo-Cramps almost like :af: on and off bloated,gassy seems like im smelling everything.
5dpo-Very moody gassy,constipated, vey oily skin, smells bothering me like DD diaper wipes.
6dpo- Still moody tierd but then have bursts of energy, bad headache,bad af like cramps on and off, twinges in uterus right side.notice very small amoutn of cm not normal for me creamy mixed with ewcm type.
7dpo- FRER :bfn: smells bothering me runny nose feel like im getting sick feel really lazy BB's sore and feel heavy
8dpo-Constipated very bitchy gassy cramps headache back pain on and off.
9dpo-really tierd back pain (low) wierd taste in mouth stomach always growling it seems still small amounts of crm&ewcm FRER :bfn:
10dpo- watery mouth drooling in sleep not normal Bad cramps on and off crampy legs and upper thighs and hips occasionally dizzy runny nose still
in PM realy bad cramps like af comming BB's sore and heavy
11dpo-feel like I need to throw up at times through out the day dizzy still stuffy runny nose little to no cm headache BB's sore
12dpo- same as about 7dpo-11 but cramps have subsided but back lower still hurts pulling sensations in lower abdomen area get really dizzy at differnt times of the day and still little to no cm BB's sore and nip darker
Sry that this is sooo long but I think it would help pass the time to have some opinions thank you all soooo much I really appriciate it!!!

Mon Aug 06, 2007 3:35 pm

Hi there, I replied that I think you'll get a :bfp: , but either way there's definitely something going on. What I mean is it sounds like you've got a lot of progesterone activity so hopefully it ends up that you're pregnant. GL and babydust :)

Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:14 pm

7 & 9DPO is very early to get a BFP! Don't count yourself out yet!

Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:14 pm

Thanks Im still holding out trying my hardest to wait to test what was the earliest you got a :bfp:

Tue Aug 07, 2007 1:55 am

UPDATE** Well I caved and tested on an IC and :bfn: :cry: :cry: :cry: So I guess that means Im out 12dpo There should have been at least a faint line do ya think?....I didnt see anything but when I took a pic of it in the neg option on my camera it looked like there was something there but its probably just my eyes playing evil tricks on me!!! :x I would post the pic but I have no idea how to do it but Ill keep u all updated on what happens :|
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