really random cycle

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Am i out for the month??

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really random cycle

Postby alybear » Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:51 am

last period. 20th feb..

bd'ed on days 11 and 12... and then started spotting no day 15... until yesterday

thing is.... its only spotting in the morning.... by afternoon its gone, but more spotting next morning..

Not that much blood, but enough to use a tampon if you kno what i mean.

hmmm.... im confused..

was on depo for 2 shots.. came off it ocober 07... cycles btween 25 and 33 days... look on my fertility friend below...

but 15 days just seems stupid.. plus its not real bleeding...

dunno when i ovulated if at all....
No blood at all tihs morning.. just a little moist down there...

did any of you get this?

would you count it as a period??? am i out for the month....
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