How vigorous can exercise be?

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How vigorous can exercise be?

Postby littlebritt » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:36 am

I am on a quest to lose some weight and have begun exercising again (I seem to be on some kind of exercise roller coaster where I will be good about it for awhile then stop...I know its bad). I'm wondering if any of yall know how strenuous my activities can be before it might affect ovulation and/or implantation? Whether its swimming, kickboxing, running, whatever?
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Postby Susy07 » Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:25 pm

i know this is an old post but in case anyone still wants an answer...

in general... u shudnt have issues with annovulation, etc... unless ur BMI drops so low ur actualy underweight. keep ur BMI above 18.5 and u shud be ok.

but more specifically.. excersize wise..

.. break a sweat for sure. feel the burn but dont let it HURT. u know wut i mean?
for cardio - get ur heartrate up to 160ish and keep it there for 20 mins if u can. u shudnt feel sick after a workout.
for weight training - i really dont think ull be able to do enough to actualy hurt urself. if its too heavy u just wont be able to do very many reps..
eating something with a lot of protein right after a workout will help ur muscles recover and not ache so much the next day. i love protein shakes.

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