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Postby prayingforbaby#1 » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:05 pm

Azmerelda wrote:Praying I just started somersizing today a freind of mine has that same book so I ordered it and I finally got it off the book shelf and read it and now i am on the somersize mission. you and I should somersize together what do you think? I am 215 pounds and i want to be 175 at least. I read your story. I think that you making this thread is the best thing that has happened to me yet I am trying to lose weight before my df and I try for our First baby. I have tried most everything to lose weight and have not been successful. Together you and I can tackle this weight lose Issue best of luck and Keep me updated by either messages or on the thread here

That is great I would love for you to be my weight lose buddy along wit many other weight loss buddies of mine
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