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Postby aurora17 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:01 am

I joined slimming world again about 3 weeks ago. I tried this group before and quite liked it, much better than ww IMO. I've been finding it quite hard to get in to this time tho, I really need to get motivated. I've realised that i'm now obese and need to lose 50-60lbs to be back in the healthy weight range! It really sickens me that i've let myself go this far, DH is much the same aswell. He's really good at telling me he's going to do it with me then I turn round and he's ate a whole loaf of thick sliced white bread with his nice healthy dinner that i've slaved over and washed it down with fat coke! Either that or he'll offer to take me out so I end up drinking loads of wine and coming home with a take away. My first week I lost 5lb and I've put it all back on over the past two so I'm now back to where I started :(

I think he's a closet feeder lol

Theres not really any point to this just having a wee winge, feel free to join in :D
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