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Wed Oct 17, 2007 1:19 pm

Well, I think I did pretty good today: I had a biscuit w/ strawberry jelly and ONE french toast stick w/ sugar free syrup for breakfast, a Nutrisystem meal for lunch, and snacked on some 94% fat free popcorn, so far... I'm probably having another Nutrisystem meal for supper and that should be it for me. I need to find the energy to exercise. I stay on my feet all day at work, so, it's hard to make myself go stand on them even longer after I get home. I weighed 260.5 today, so, 2.5 lbs. that :af: brought w/ her are already gone!! :jump: The halloween candy is SO tempting to me, too!! :shock: I had to go to Walmart today and it was VERY hard to bypass all the chocolate w/out purchasing some! I have to cut back on my sugar intake, though. I LOVE candy and chocolate, which is TERRIBLE for me. I'm meeting w/ a nutritionist on Nov. 5, so, that should help some. Well, hope you ladies are doing well...

Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:46 am

Hey Ladies,
How is everyone's week going so far?? Mine is going pretty good, I thought I have been eating horribly but I am still losing, but I have been working out, I am officially in the 2ww so I have been taking it a little easier.
WW is going good, tough to stick with though. DH will be starting with a personal trainer and a nutritionist and apparently his nutritionist is not happy that I am doing WW and has offered to develope an eating plan for me too at no charge, so we will see.

ArmyWifeTTC, well I was gonna say dont worry about the gain but my computer didnt show me you had posted a new message until now so now I see it has already gone, YIPPEE!!! Sounds like you are doing awesome!! I love chocolate right now, I cant get enough of it and I was making some halloween packages to send out and I ate too much of that chocolate and then DH loves toblerone so he bought the giant $10 from costco with is a big temptation. There is one piece left in the fridge and it is taunting me!!

Blueskye, Thats awesome that pilates is going so great!! Exercising is working good for me right now, I am pretty tired since I work out like everyday, its tough but I want to keep doing it. And I am just feeling so much better in my skin.

Only 1 more day until wiegh in!!!!!! Stay strong today ladies!!!!

Thu Oct 18, 2007 1:39 pm

again I can only see the new posts when I am posting a reply and they are in the review section, this is weird, I wonder why I cant see them on the regular page!!

Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:18 pm

Well, ladies, I tried to post yesteray, but it never did show up... How have y'all been doing? I think I'm doing pretty well. I've been able to resist temptation and I have done almost NO snacking, which is great for me!! I stepped on the scales at work today and it said 258.5!!! I almost fell over sideways b/c they said 263.5 on Tuesday!! I know some of the weight was from :af: , but I could hardly believe what I was seeing! Anyway, that fired me up all day...

Thanks for the comments on my pups, BlueSkye. Those are my only babies - for now. They're so funny, too!!

ArmyWife - I know what you mean about struggling around the halloween candy!! For goodness sake, I struggle around ANY kind of candy, no matter what time of the year it is!! What am I talking about?? I struggle around food in general! :shock:

Well, tomorrow is the big weigh in!! I'll try to weigh as soon as I get to work and post it before I get started (unless, of course, I weigh more than 258.5 and, thus, have to run around like a mad woman all day trying to burn off the difference in an effort to prevent myself from being embarrassed when I post), but I'll make sure to post it by tomorrow evening if I'm unable to in the morning. GL, ladies!!

Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:21 pm

What the heck?? I just saw my un-postable post from yesterday POSTED AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE!! So, sorry for the semi-double post...

Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:04 am

Good Morning!
AF is due this weekend, I can feel myself bloating...BUT I'm happy to report I weighed a teensy bit less today... :fingersx: 161

I was supposed to go in for a blood pregnancy test today, but I just know SHE will be here any moment, so I'm not going...If no AF by monday, I'll go get the blood test...

AWttc-Keep it going!!! You had to feel wonderful to see that big change on the scale...Working on your feet all day, then coming home to exercise is a huge challenge...Must be a huge temptation to come home, flop down and prop those feet up for a few hours!...Any way you can do some exercise before work? Even if its a 20 min walk, it does wonders for your energy level all day...Also does wonders for your poor feet!
ArmyWife-I would love to go to a nutritionist and pick their brain...KUP on what he/she says for you!

Who was getting an elliptical machine delivered this week? JUst wondering how it was going...I LOVE those machines...I can only go back so far in the topic review, and can't find that post at the moment...
My mantra for the day.....................

Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:44 am

So I lost 2.8 Pounds this week, I am at 147.4 I have not been this low in a year and a half since my DH was injured. I am very happy about it, I ate pretty crappy last week so I was suprised I lost but I guess my body was catching up from all the exercise.

Blueskye, Thats awesome that you still lost even of it is a little, especially if you are bloated. You never know AF might not show up and I have my fingers crossed for you. I am 4dpo so I have awhile to wait still.

Armywifettc, Thats awesome that your wieght went down, I hope you get a chance to post it today, I am sure you didnt go up. I have a problem with food in general too, I have no self control, I love food so much, I eat when I am not even hungrey so I am really trying to work on that, otherwise I have to work out as much as I do to even stay at my weight nevermind lose wieght. Oh and dont ever be embarrased to post here, nobody is judging anyone :D Oh and that happened to me yesterday with the posts too, the only way I could see the new ones is if I posted to reply and then looked down at the topic review but they wouldnt show up on the main page!!!

Well I hope everyone has a good day, start of the weekend. I am going to struggle to eat well not only today but also the weekend, I want so many junk food things so bad right now and most of all I have been craving.....Gasp.....Mcdonalds for a few weeks now and I might cave in soon. But I havent had it in over a months and that is really good for me, my DH had it 2 days ago and I was mad at him, hehe!!!

Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:49 pm

I decided to go in for my blood pregnancy test..I'd rather hear it that way than look at another HPT BFN...I'm not pregnant, so looking forward to getting this tumor outta me...
I'll have a fresh start to TTC after a 3 month waiting period...I can't exercise for 6 weeks, so not sure how the weight loss will go...Whatever I lose will most certainly be muscle so?!?! Anyway, I'll still stick around, bc nutrition is going to be my focus...We could all use a little support in that dept, right!?! I hear you ladies, I'm a foodie..I cook a lot, I watch cooking shows, and I collect cookbooks! enough said!!!!
Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic weekend...

Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:35 pm

Ok, ladies, I finally found time to post. Drum roll, please......I weighed 255.5 at work today!!! :fingersx: I've been using this all natural weight loss patch and, apparently, it's working GREAT!! That's 8 lbs. since Tuesday and I've used the same set of scales each time, so, I know it's not a difference in readings. Get this: I weighed first thing this a.m. and it said 257.5 and that went down to 255.5 by this afternoon before I left work. Anyway, that really fires me up!!

BlueSkye - I saw you mentioned something about a nutritionist. I'm meeting w/ one on Nov. 10 (I think that's the date) and I'm nervous. I don't want her/him to rip me a new one about my weight. I need some good suggestions for what to cook w/out having to cook the same thing over and over... I need to start exercising in the morning b/c I know it will boost my energy. I used to go to the gym before work, but I quit doing that after I moved here. I have to get myself motivated to go, though. Also, I'm sorry about your :bfn: w/ the blood test. I didn't know you had a tumor that needed to be removed, but GL w/ that. Maybe next time you'll get that beautiful :bfp: !!

ArmyWife - I know being back at that weight is SO exciting for you!! Congrats on that!! I've been craving really bad foods lately, too. I want Church's chicken and Mexican food SOOOOO bad, but I have to remind myself that I want to be slim and healthy.

Well, it's REALLY late b/c I went to a football game tonight, so, I'm about to hit the hay. Have a great weekend, ladies!!

Sat Oct 20, 2007 8:28 am

Hi girls sorry I've not posted in a few days I've been crazy busy I did drop by to see how everyone was doing.......

:welcome: army_wife_ttc wow 8 lbs since tuesday that great :congrats:

ArmyWife ... :congrats: on your 2.8 lbs loss thats great

BlueSkye .. :congrats: on your weight loss sorry you got a :bfn: on your blood test ...... Yep off to florida soon we stay in my aunty's villa thats near Disney's animal kingdom we plan on doing some of the parks as we are bringing my brother over and he loves the parks.....

Well I lost .5 lbs this week I kinda slacked a little didn't get much exercise done this week as I've had a crazy week ......

Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:17 am

BlueSkye...NOW 161 --- AUG 166 - GOAL 145
ArmyWife...NOW 147.4 --- AUG 164 - GOAL 140
IrishEyes...NOW 129.5--- AUG 142 - GOAL 120
bb2............NOW 127--- AUG 142 - GOAL 122
Tasmom.....NOW 170 -- SEPT 165 - GOAL 150
Baby_Dust..NOW 257--- OCT 257 -- GOAL 180
armywifettc.NOW 255.5 -- OCT259 -- GOAL 180

There is the update, BB2 is away I think right now so cant get her wieght yet. Baby_dust and Tasmom are you still with us????

Blueskye, I am, so sorry about the BFN, I am glad you are trying to be positive though, I am sure after your surgery you will get pg right when you can start trying again. We will definitely be here to support on the nutrition side of things, I think it is just as important if not more.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! :D

Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:35 pm

Thanks for the welcome, irisheyes!! WOW - going to Disney World!! I've always wanted to go there. Hope you enjoy that (of course, I know you will)!!

Well, I had somewhat of a bad weekend: I was called into work Sat. morning and my knee started bothering me REALLY badly while I was there. I went to the ER this morning and they told me that I have some stretched, possibly torn ligaments in my right knee. :shock: They put a big 'ol brace on my leg that keeps me from bending it, put me on crutches, and told me to stay off my feet. The dr. told me that I definitely can't exercise b/c it'll cause even more stretching, since my exercise of choice is jogging or using the eliptical. I'll keep you ladies posted, though. Time to gear back up for more weight loss!! Have a blessed week, girls!!

Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:56 am

Wow, you girls are doing amazing! I want to join in!!

I currently weigh right at 180, but my goal is to get to 140 (though lower would be nice, too!). I'm trying to eat better, and lately I've noticed that I can't eat nearly as much! So that's definitely a positive thing. I hit the gym 2-3 times a week, and I play golf twice a week as well! Hopefully I'll start seeing some results soon!

Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:48 am

BlueSkye...NOW 161 --- AUG 166 - GOAL 145
ArmyWife...NOW 147.4 --- AUG 164 - GOAL 140
IrishEyes...NOW 129.5--- AUG 142 - GOAL 120
bb2............NOW 127--- AUG 142 - GOAL 122
Tasmom.....NOW 170 -- SEPT 165 - GOAL 150
Baby_Dust..NOW 257--- OCT 257 -- GOAL 180
armywifettc.NOW 255.5 -- OCT259 -- GOAL 180
charlotteb--NOW 180 ---OCT 180 -- GOAL 140

Hey Ladies --Updating the list and wanted to say :welcome: to charlotte!!! Maybe your stomach cavity is shrinking a little with smaller portions...That is awesome!! Keep it up! That's my focus this week is very small portions....
Armywifettc--ouch Bad news about your knee!! That can take SO long to fully heal, so take care of yourself!!
IrishEyes-Have a great time in Disney! That's about 2 hours from my house..We went last fall, and had a blast! What great weather you should have too! November is my favorite month here in Florida.

Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:16 pm

I was really bad today and pigged out on Oreos. Shame on me. :(
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