Possibly close to O day?? What do you think?

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When do you think I will Ovulate?

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Today (Monday CD20)
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Tomorrow (Tuesday CD21)
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Wednesday (CD22)
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Possibly close to O day?? What do you think?

Postby wrestlefan2 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:42 pm

Plesae check my chart:


please let me know if you think that I may ovulate soon. I have not used an OPK this cycle, but have been checking my CM (have only had at most Creamy CM (for the past 3 days of checking)).

I have also been gassy last night and this morning and had a bad Pain on my left side on Saturday that was crossed between when I'm very gassy and possibly close to Oing.

My chart has not shown Ovulation yet, but am hoping it does soon.

Also based on how many times DH & I BDed, how many more (also based on when you think I may Ovulate), days would you BD (we are trying for every day of the best we can this cycle).

Just to let you know, 18th month TTC (1 1/2 years) and our 17th cycle. We have seen an RE, but DH's medical insurance will not cover any form of infertility treatments for him or me. I know I do Ovulate and that DH does cum regularly (sorry if TMI), but not the amount or motility of DH's sperm (will cost $100-$200 to test DH and find out) so we are going to try naturally up until the 2yr mark and save for the test until then if wee need them.

Me - Sarah(29)
DF - Tim (32)

Trying for mine and DH's second child each, but 1st with each other.

Dx with PCOS 4/25/2013
1st BFP - 4/4/13 (CD33)
MC - Cycle started 3/4/2013. Ended on 4/27/2013 @ 7 weeks 5 days (CD 54/CD1 Of next cycle) (our little one is in heaven now)

2nd BFP - 1/12/14 (CD102 17DPO or 18DPO) Confirmed 2/5/14
1st Ultrasound - 2/21/14 (No heartbeat)
2nd Ultrasound - 2/24/14 (Confirmed died in womb)
D&C - 2/26/14 (will be going to heaven with her sibling)

3rd BFP - Possible 5/30/14 (CD22 8DPO). Noticeable 6/4/14 (CD 27 13DPO). Praying and hoping for a sticky bean/rainbow baby this time. EDD 2/11/15
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